Welcome Back

It’s that time again. Most of us are starting or have already begun our 2019-2020 school year. For those who have never homeschooled before, there may be some anxiety coming into this new venture. You may feel confused or overwhelmed. For you pros, you probably already have your system in place and are ready to go. Wherever you see yourself WELCOME! This will be a year of big undertakings and major accomplishments. You can and will do great things! Starting a new school year (or new anything for that matter) can be demanding and requires planning and preparation, but it also requires peace and clarity. Don’t walk into this season so stressed that you destroy your chances for a positive, successful school year. 

First, know that everything won’t be perfect and that’s ok. Things happen. That’s life right? Although we make our plans, some things are bound to happen. We found out four months before our first “official” year homeschooling that we were expecting baby number eight, and she was due right in the middle of the school year (December 29). It was not the best time for anything much less a new little person. We went six day weeks sometimes. We did homeschool on appointment days. We did unit studies and review after the baby was born instead of traditional lessons. For me, it was so all over the place. But, we made it through. And our kindergartner learned to read after only the first 90 days! It wasn’t perfect at all. I would have loved to follow a set schedule, with weekly lessons, Fridays off, etc. But that’s not what took place and that’s ok.  The end result was everything I wanted from the start: a child that was educated.

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