What are you Eating this Fall?

It’s Fall! And the weather has finally decided to show it. Lol I’m loving the 70 degree days and 40 degree nights. I’m all about bundling up in warm socks and cozy blankets to play games, watch movies, or just hide from the cold. What better to have on these cold nights indoors than good food. I want to share with you some of my favorite meals to enjoy during the Fall.


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Just Take a Knee

 If you are a football fan, you have more than likely heard the term ‘take a knee’ in reference to the actual game and not protests in recent years. It’s when the play starts, the ball is handed to the quarterback, and the quarterback goes down on one knee. This act ends the play and in most cases the time clock runs out ending the game. The team who has the lead preserves the win and they don’t have to play until the very last second of the game. You essentially finish and win the game without putting forth any additional effort.






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A Blocked Schedule

Let’s talk schedules. Daily schedules are a major piece in keeping your homeschool organized. It would be so nice if everything fell into place each day. You know little people and big people completed all their assignments without you telling them to do so. Meals just appear hot and ready on the table just as tummies were empty. Clear sunny skies, rainbows, butterflies..all that jazz.


I’d love to have a homeschool that works like that, but I don’t. I have to create a plan or at least create a framework that structures our time throughout the day. I have set up an hourly schedule in the past, but I could never consistently follow them. Everytime I tried to implement these hourly schedules, something happened to throw a wrench in the plan and our day was completely decimated. 

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Curriculum That’s Easy Peasy!

Ok. So, I’m not very versed on curriculum, but I wanted to share my experience with the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool curriculum. We had our first child go through kindergarten last year, and this year we have a first grader, two kindergartners, and a host of toddlers and preschoolers (Lol). clarissa-watson-jAebodq7oxk-unsplash

I created my own curriculum last year with our first. I loved it. I found everything for free online or used things I had gathered during my time in graduate school and while working in childcare. I was able to flow freely into any subject matter I wanted without feeling bound by a script or someone else’s objectives. I was free to leave an area of study if it were time to move on or stay in that area until we mastered it. 

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Happy Fall….Cleaning?


So that time of year is fast approaching again. It’s fall. If you’re in the upper part of the state you may be experiencing some signs that fall is coming. I grew up in Greenville County and always loved this time of year. In the Midlands where we live now, there are no signs of Autumn just yet. There’s pretty much two seasons summer and a very short-lived winter. So I don’t get to enjoy Fall the way I once did. Oh how I miss the days of my youth..sometimes.

But this post is not about the weather. I want to talk about cleaning. What?!? Yes! That’s right cleaning. It’s not Spring, but it’s a time you can use to clear that unnecessary clutter. We often look at Fall as a time to hide inside, put the pumpkin spice on tap, and hunker down for the cold winter months ahead. But let’s also use this time to make a positive change in our environment. 

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Take Care of Yourself


The phrase for today is “Take care of yourself.” Say it with me class…”Take care of yourself.” I know it’s only the beginning of the school year for most. We are rested from nice summer vacation to the beach or mountains (if you were fortunate enough to take one), and we are pumped about starting a new year. We don’t mind the long hours of planning or staying up late to ready ourselves for a new school day. We fill our schedules willingly to accommodate our ever-mounting to-do list.

I get it. You’re refreshed, renewed, and revived. You’re ready for anything. You can attack an endless list of issues without batting an eye. The world is your oyster and you’re ready to shuck that bad boy like it’s never been shucked before. However, I know there is something coming that you may not see yet. It’s exhaustion, burnout, and fatigue. Continue reading “Take Care of Yourself”

Get Your Meal Prep Game On (Freezer Edition)

When you homeschool, you’re home all day. So you get to make each meal from scratch. You use only the best homegrown or organic ingredients. You have so much time each day that you can make three full course meals and snacks (those are homemade too) without a problem. I mean that’s what the outside world thinks right? I mean why do you need to meal prep if you’re home all day or you homeschool? Well the answer is simple. No one wants to spend all their time in the kitchen.

As a mom of 8, this is an everyday struggle. How to feed my brood without being joined to the stove at the hip. I know that educating your kids at home leaves very little time to do anything especially things like cooking. I find that by the time I cook one meal, serve my babies, eat myself, and clean up the kitchen, it’s almost time to begin the next meal.

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Welcome Back

It’s that time again. Most of us are starting or have already begun our 2019-2020 school year. For those who have never homeschooled before, there may be some anxiety coming into this new venture. You may feel confused or overwhelmed. For you pros, you probably already have your system in place and are ready to go. Wherever you see yourself WELCOME! This will be a year of big undertakings and major accomplishments. You can and will do great things! Starting a new school year (or new anything for that matter) can be demanding and requires planning and preparation, but it also requires peace and clarity. Don’t walk into this season so stressed that you destroy your chances for a positive, successful school year. 

First, know that everything won’t be perfect and that’s ok. Things happen. That’s life right? Although we make our plans, some things are bound to happen. We found out four months before our first “official” year homeschooling that we were expecting baby number eight, and she was due right in the middle of the school year (December 29). It was not the best time for anything much less a new little person. We went six day weeks sometimes. We did homeschool on appointment days. We did unit studies and review after the baby was born instead of traditional lessons. For me, it was so all over the place. But, we made it through. And our kindergartner learned to read after only the first 90 days! It wasn’t perfect at all. I would have loved to follow a set schedule, with weekly lessons, Fridays off, etc. But that’s not what took place and that’s ok.  The end result was everything I wanted from the start: a child that was educated.

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