Seeds of Life

I am typing this in the midst of an illness that has kept almost our entire family sick since last Tuesday. Please forgive me for being brief (and any errors).

A very important part of gardening for me is my seeds. I simply love browsing through tons of websites and catalogs each year to find the perfect seeds for my taste and climate. 


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Add Light and Water

Last week, I talked about soil, and how it’s teeming with life. Good soil is a major factor in having a healthy, successful garden each year.


Two more things that are also needed for a healthy garden are sunlight and water. I know you’re thinking “Duh! That’s obvious.” Hey, I didn’t say I was reinventing the wheel here. I’m just telling you what it takes to garden successfully. Lol


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It Isn’t Just Dirt

This month I will be talking all about gardening. The days are getting longer, and Spring will soon be here. It’s time to start thinking about and planting our gardens.

I’m not an expert gardener by any means. I am learning so much as I go along though. I previously thought you just put a seed in the ground and it grew lots of fruit. Now I realize I was so wrong. There are things that I’m learning will make the difference between a good harvest and no harvest.

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Stop Teaching Black History

I don’t like to bring up controversial issues because I’m not for confrontation at all. However, this month for me has brought an elephant into the room that I need to address. That elephant is Black History Month.

I do not like the idea that my history should be separated from the history of this country (and the world for that matter) and only mentioned one month a year. I think it’s absurd to limit Black History to a few key figures in our recent history, and then our history is put back on the shelf until next year. This bothers me.

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Learning while on Vacation

Last week, we went out of town. We had a great time visiting family and friends. The kids loved spending time with their grandparents, and we enjoyed the change in scenery. One thing I decided to do this trip was have a few days of school while we were there. It turned out to be fun and productive.


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Traveling with Many

One of the great things about homeschooling is you can take a break whenever you want or need one. This week we are doing just that. Me and my little ones will take a few days this week to visit relatives in my hometown. The kids are excited mainly because they know they are going to get some type of gifts. I’m not too excited because I have to PACK! Traveling with many is not easy.

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Do It Anyway

I’m sitting here trying to come up with a topic for this week’s blog post. I’m having so much trouble getting my thoughts together. My body is tired and my mind is completely scattered. It’s been a long day and nothing wants to come up or out. I’m two seconds away from giving up and going to bed. I just figure I can explain myself through email and pray my apologies will be accepted. I say in my head “What do you do when you don’t want to do something?” And a still small voice says to my heart “Do it anyway.”


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It’s Game Day..Let’s Eat!

It’s almost that time again. It’s every football fan’s favorite time of the sports season. Yep, it’s the Superbowl. All games have been played, and it’s down to these final two teams. They get to show off their talents and use their skills to hopefully bring home the coveted trophy and bragging rights for the year.


Whether you are a fan or not, there is one way to get everyone involved in this annual sports event. And that is FOOD! Lol Nothing says Superbowl Sunday like good food, family, and friends.

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After the Break is Done

After an academic break, sometimes we feel we have to jump back in full speed. We want to get our children and ourselves back on the same schedule. We also want to start rolling at the same pace as we were before our break started.

While those intentions are great, there is no need to stress yourself out just yet. Why not ease your way into this thing called school. Just take your time and flow back into your regular schedule.


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