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Members have access to full digital curriculum to utilize for their students self-lead learning initiative. The list keeps growing. And growing and Growing.

Enriching Homeschool Education

Providing a diverse range of digital resources to enhance and expand homeschooling curriculum and learning experiences when the student becomes interested.

Inspiring Independent Learning:

Empowering homeschoolers to cultivate self-motivated and self-directed learning through engaging digital library resources.

Fostering Academic Exploration

VirtualVerse: Digital Library Oasis for Homeschool Learning


Crypto Chronicles:
Journey into the World of Digital Currencies

Discover the exciting realm of cryptocurrency in this comprehensive course for homeschoolers aged 13-18. Gain insights into its basics, workings, investment opportunities, legal aspects, and the future implications of this digital financial revolution.


Colors of the Soul: Exploring Art Therapy for Self-Expression and Healing

Dive into a vibrant world of self-discovery and emotional healing! Unleash your creativity through diverse art mediums, explore the psychology of colors, express your deepest emotions, and unlock the transformative power of art therapy in this captivating journey of self-expression and personal growth.


Artificial Intelligence: Unlocking the Power of Intelligent Systems

Unleash the power of AI! Dive into the captivating world of artificial intelligence through interactive projects, hands-on activities, and fascinating discussions. Join us for a thrilling journey into the future of technology.


Mindful Warriors: Empowering Teens through Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindful Warriors is an invigorating course that empowers teens through meditation and mindfulness. With captivating lessons, it combines fun, engaging activities and detailed insights to help teens navigate life’s challenges, cultivate inner strength, and discover their true potential.


From Chaos to Calm: A Homeschool Course on Conflict Resolution for High Schoolers

This homeschool course for high school students is designed to teach conflict resolution skills with parents, peers, and siblings. Students will learn practical strategies and techniques to resolve conflicts in a positive and effective way.


Uncovering Ancient Black History for Homeschoolers

Unleash the untold narratives of ancient civilizations in our captivating course for Homeschoolers. Dive deep into the rich tapestry of Black history, revealing forgotten triumphs, remarkable contributions, and inspiring legacies that continue to shape our world.

VirtualVerse Digital Library Continues

The interest and child-led learning continues……….

A curriculum that teaches children about energy healing, including lessons on the chakra system, Reiki, and other modalities.

A curriculum that fosters leadership skills, self-advocacy, and civic engagement in girls, providing opportunities to explore social issues, learn about influential women leaders, and develop projects that make a positive impact in their communities.

A curriculum that teaches children how to live sustainably, including lessons on composting, reducing waste, and eco-friendly living.

This fun and interactive course is designed to introduce homeschool students aged 10 to 18 to the fascinating world of ancient Egypt and the mystery surrounding the construction of the pyramids. 

A curriculum that combines the art of origami with mathematics, teaching students geometric principles, spatial reasoning, and mathematical concepts through hands-on paper folding activities.

A curriculum that explores the mathematical concepts found in music, such as rhythm, harmony, frequency, and scales, and how they relate to mathematical patterns and structures.

A curriculum that celebrates and explores the richness of human diversity, including lessons on cultural traditions, religious beliefs, languages, and customs from around the world. It promotes empathy, understanding, and appreciation for the beauty of differences.


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