Family Game Night

What does Family Game Night mean to me?

Family Game Night is an opportunity to have fun with each other while playing board games, card games or video games together. There is no set schedule to follow and no one has to wake up early for work or school. It is a night of fun with no worries.

Family game night defines fun; also, it means playing new or familiar games as a family, eating vegan grilled Queso with chips (my husband’s recipe) or even barbeque.

Family game night is a time to be silly, happy, carefree and spend time together. Spending time together is very important.

Family game night creates an opportunity to introduce games from our childhood.

For example, UNO, Spades, and Dominoes. This past Labor Day weekend, my husband

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Dealing with External Frustrations while Homeschooling

Let me tell you a secret. This is one that took me a long time to not only know but to fully understand. Are you ready?

We Are Human

Now, you might have just thought, “Well, duh,” but bear with me a moment. Yes, we know we are human and we have human needs that must be met and things that we need to get done every day. Yes, we know that we need to sleep and we need to eat and some of us even understand the need for quiet time. We get that we are a living, breathing, human being. My point is that, as humans, we will get frustrated and that frustration twist, turns and knots up, sometimes bleeding over into other aspects of our lives.

As a home schooling house hold, this is something we need to try to avoid.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about all the day to day

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Am I Late??

Confession time. I waited too long to order my kids curriculum this year. I know some of you cringed because you feel my pain. Let’s be honest. There is nothing about this past year that has been simple or easy. Least of all ordering curriculum. Some of us met with financial hardship which affected the school year. Some of us had to change our living situations. Some of us ordered our curriculum with what used to be enough time but everything is back ordered or shipping is delayed. You know what?

It is ok.

Yes, that one family on Instagram started two months ago. Yes, your home school friends started 2 weeks ago. Yes, you planned to have been in full swing already. As

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I’ve covered the Core Subjects but what about PE??

With the new home school year upon us, many of us are starting to get into the swing of things. We have made the plans, ordered what was needed and done our version of organizing. We have made sure we are covering the basics and all supplies are available to our kiddos. We picked the language arts curriculum. We’ve found a math that will keep our kids engaged and learning. The science has been a hit and is done with enthusiasm. Geography and history as well. We have fallen into a rhytm with our school day when suddenly we have a thought….

What about PE???

Now, if you are the athletic type this may not be a concern of yours. Maybe you are a natural PE teacher and your kids join you easily. Or, maybe you are athletic but

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How to Start the School Year

There are many things to we need to consider before starting a new home school year.

Are you going to do year round home schooling?

What curriculum will you be using this year?

What subjects do your kids need for the new year?

What the start date is going to be? What breaks will be taken?

One of the things to consider is;

How do you want to start the school year?

Some people will swear by one method for starting back to school while others will insist the exact opposite is better for children. Even if you are a seasoned homeschooler, it is not difficult to see how you might easily

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Application: Urgent request = Expedited Membership Approval

With South Carolina schools beginning their 2020-2021 year in just a few weeks MANY families are now considering homeschooling legally under Option 3 for the first time.

United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited is currently enrolling new families and currently have an option to have your application processed URGENTly.

‘Urgent’ request allows your application to move to the top of the list and be processed within 24 to 48 hours.

This means that you receive Option 3 legal status to homeschool in time

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Having Fun with Back to Home School

The best part of going back to school when I was young was getting new school supplies. Yes, just about everyone can say they liked that part but usually they mean the back pack and clothes. Maybe even a fun trapper keeper. Me, I was all about the new pens and pencils and notebooks and the ideas and things I could put in them.

When I first started homeschooling my kids, I was sad because I thought

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Sharing the Joy of Learning Despite the Frustrations

It goes without saying that this new school year is unlike any other. Quarantine has created a confusing academic atmosphere in schools and even in homes. To avoid potential health risks and to hopefully provide a calmer learning environment many families have chosen to home school. Some parents were already considering home schooling. Some have never even heard of home schooling. Some parents might have never even considered home schooling for their family. However you came to be teaching your kiddos at home this year, welcome to the journey, it is such a joy.

You get to see them work through a challenge, comprehend something new, and succeed!

You get to share what you know with your kids and you get to help them explore as well.

You get to go on adventures and conquer quests together.

The learning possibilities are endless.

With all of this joy and fun though, there is also frustration. To pretend there is no frustration will only add more to it. The best way to

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Honors Spanish I for 7th-12th grade with United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited

This fall Honors Spanish 1 is being offered by United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited as an online – live Zoom course.

Have you seen the details of this course as of yet?

Why should your child study Spanish?

  • Students can fulfill the requirement of learning a foreign language if they are entering college
  • If they aren’t attending college learning Spanish is a great entry into learning a 2nd language beyond their mother-language.
  • Spanish is a fairly easy language to learn if students apply themselves
  • There are over 400 million people students will be able to communicate with
  • They will learn about Spanish culture and Spanish speaking countries
  • Students understanding of the world will be
  • broaden beyond America and English speakers
  • Students will gain a great appreciation for traveling locally and abroad with the ability to communicate in Spanish
  • Students will be on the journey to being able to enjoy Spanish speaking music, TV/Movie, or read books/magazines all in Spanish
  • Studying HONORS level Spanish will increase their high school GPA
  • and lots more benefits

The LIVE online Zoom Honors Spanish I course will be taught be me, Angela Jordan Perry, the owner/director/administrator of United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited.

I began my studies of Spanish when I was in the

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