Homeschool services available with AUCHU

Experience Freedom and Flexibility: Homeschooling Under South Carolina’s Third Option!

Discover the most popular choice in South Carolina, where homeschooling thrives under minimal regulations. Parents enjoy the flexibility to choose a homeschool path that perfectly fits their student’s needs and family preferences.

Embrace the freedom to craft a personalized education journey that nurtures your child’s talents and passions. South Carolina’s Third Option empowers you to design or choose a curriculum, explore diverse teaching methods, and create a joyful learning environment.

Unlock boundless opportunities as you engage in experiential learning, hands-on projects, and real-world experiences. Seamlessly integrate field trips, community service, and collaborative ventures into your child’s education.

Join this vibrant homeschooling community to receive legal homeschooling status, where support, resources, and collaboration flourish. Connect with local co-ops, homeschool groups, and workshops to foster friendships and collective growth.

Embrace the power of choice and celebrate the transformative impact of homeschooling under South Carolina’s Third Option with A United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited. Experience the joy, flexibility, and educational empowerment that homeschooling brings to your family.

“A United Community Of Homeschoolers Unlimited, LLC has a goal to help 600 families….
YES, 600 families homeschooling for the
2024-2025 homeschooling year.
Help us reach this goal.
Spread the word and help your friends/family become registered to home educate their own children legally this year under Option 3 with AUCHU.”

-Angela Fafali Nyarko-

Services and Support


Click on the below link to register for 2024-2025 homeschool year.


Do you feel you need help structuring your day or you feel you need guidance in your homeschooling journey?


Violin/Viola Classes, Beginners Spanish Classes , High School Elective Courses, The Homeschool Upstart Online Course, Homeschool Coaching and Direct Homeschool Support


AUCHU has a plethora of services to ensure your success in homeschooling. Learn more.


What Members Are Saying

“Thank you so much for all the help and encouragement you send and continue to send! These resources are worth their weight in gold and I feel so blessed to be part of this association!! I’ve had many little l-(oses), awesome and eye-opening experiences already”

Cameron J.

“I like all the helpful information that is in videos and on the website. I know that if I did have any questions or needed anything, it’s very easy to reach someone”

Patty R.

"I’m still working on de-schooling my own very institutionalized brain based on my own education upbringing. That being said, I’m learning more everyday. With every video of yours I watch, I learn something new. So bless you for all your hard work and help you give!! Thank you!"

Robert Green

"Thank you so much for all that you have done to help my son as he will be receiving a certificate of completion.."

Oliver Goodman