My Vegan Journey

I am two years into my vegan journey, and I love it. I decided to explore this lifestyle for my health. I was diagnosed with arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and hypertension. As a result, I was always in pain, tired, and I suffered with constipation.

My husband mentioned the idea to change my diet and remove meat.

I first struggled, but I experienced a huge change in my energy level and my body. I have lost over twenty pounds since I began my journey.

If I had a time machine to travel to this time, I would not believe my lifestyle transformation.  I made the change from being a carnivore to

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Build that Immune System

Even in my infinite wisdom, I sometimes find I have nothing to talk about. (Ha) So, I’m going to share more of what I love…FOOD! 

As businesses open and lock downs are lifted soon, we will have more contact with others and may find ourselves in contact with more illnesses (not just Covid-19). So to prepare for that, let’s spend some time boosting and feeding our immune systems.


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Get Your Meal Prep Game On (Fridge Edition)

So a while back I shared how easy and helpful it is to create meals to fill your freezer with to keep you out of the kitchen. It’s so helpful on busy days to go to the freezer and pull out a meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three! Well I’m here to tell you that not only can you prepare meals for the freezer, but you can also prep snacks and meals for the fridge as well.


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Be Ready for the Season

Just a quick post to share one of my favorite things I use during this time of year. It’s getting colder and with the falling temps comes illness like cold and flu. We know it’s coming so why not prepare for it.


My go to for cold and flu season is elderberry syrup. It is a wonderful little berry that packs a lot of health benefits. The elderberry is the fruit of the Sambucus tree (a flowering tree). Both its flowers and berries can be used and consumed. Elderberries have been used for many years for their medicinal qualities. (1)

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Health and Nutrition: Things People Don’t Know About Their Favorite Foods :)

In an effort to educate us homeschooling Mommas please visit the  “Just for *YOU* Homeschooling Mom” on

I’m beginning to post various *Health and Nutrition* posts. 🙂




There are hundreds of food industry facts that are sheltered from consumers and only made public by food scientists if absolutely necessary. The following are 14 of the more well known industry insider secrets that have been exposed now for some time, but still not common knowledge to millions of consumers.

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