A House Divided

“If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” Mark 3:25

Do you know what that means? It means that any group that should be unified will crumble and fall if they are divided by their differences (real, manipulated, or perceived). I don’t get political or regurgitate the news simply because most politics are smoke and mirrors, and the news functions as an entertaining puppet, not a tool to inform. However, when certain events take place, it’s difficult to not talk about them.


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New Year Ideas for the Kids

I tend to not set resolutions. I was never big on them and then as I got older and saw how quickly people seem to drop them, I decided New Year’s resolutions were not for me. The funny thing about that is ….

Every year I seem to pick something to focus on improving

This year, I want to focus on helping the kids learn to set personal goals and work towards them. This is no easy task as children rarely see their own faults and when we try to point it out to help them learn, it is not received well (can you tell I have tweens?). So how do we help our kids assess themselves and set personal goals that are attainable?


First and foremost, we need to have our children think about

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Thought provoking Friday….huuhh? Well, this is interesting and a great Fun Fact! :p

This week’s Thought Provoking Thursday has to be posted on TODAY-Friday.

This is an interesting bit of information that requires to be posted today because of TOMORROW’S date. 🙂

Homeschoolers who get a kick out of this type of cool info will be excited to learn this…..






Information. 🙂

epic year

Do you get it?

Now don’t you feel pretty smart that you can now share this information?

You can share this information with your homeschooling children!

Your older ones any ways. 🙂

Fun fact!

Have a wonderful weekend.