Living in Fear

I could make this week’s blog about all the chaotic, uncertain, pandemic mess going on in our world right now. BUT I won’t. I can’t tell you how I hate the fear mongering media and “all but truth telling” government divisions that have so many scared that we all are going to die at any moment. It bothers me, but I choose to look beyond the bleak to see the better.


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UCHU and Covid19 2020

Like you, my family and I are in the house.


These last few days have been so beautiful that we’ve spent a lot of time outside.

As the owner/administrator/director of this Option 3 Accountability Association – United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited I want to send you EACH well wishes!!

I pray you each are in good health, free from fear, enjoying peace and enjoying each day of life!

Also, the reality of less income or no income during this time is real for many of us too.

We gather and pray.

As we homeschool our children we ……..

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