I’m Expecting Great Things

We have gone through a major crisis these last few months. Many call it epic or unprecedented. (Yet the bible tells us there’s nothing new under the sun.) In most of our lives, we have never endured anything quite like this before.

I have found in the midst of all this I am expecting something great! We learned many weeks ago that we are expecting baby number 9. Last week, we discovered it was a boy. We are all excited about this new addition to our family.

We could be sad and distressed about this new bundle of joy if we keep our eyes focused on what we are going through right now. However, we choose to see and speak better, greater things. 

We are looking into the future with great optimism because we know that the great things we are expecting are coming to pass. We are not letting the reality of our present condition sabotage our outlook for the future.

 What are your expectations for the future? Are they full of gloom because of what we have experienced the last 2-3 months? Or are they full of hope that what you’re about to experience is greater than what you have just come out of?


Naja Coles

I’m most importantly a follower of Christ by who’s blood we believe there is salvation. We believe in biblical Truth only. Being led by the Spirit of God, we seek to raise our family by that Truth. I am a wife of 8 years, and mom to 8 wonderful children ages 7 years-1 year. We have been homeschooling for 2 years officially (7 if you include preschool). I enjoy music, gardening, and learning to live a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle. 

Matthew 4:17 “Repent! For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”