To Grade or Not to Grade

That is the big question isn’t it? Some say in order for kids to truly know how they are doing in their school, kids need grades. Others say that when a child is graded, they pay more attention to the grade itself than what they need to improve on.

So who is right? What should we do?

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A Look at Science: The Microscope

There are some subjects we just love. We love every little detail, every little hidden gem, and even every little chore that comes with that subject. With these subjects we are excited to teach our kids, we know what we are looking for in a curriculum and we don’t need any extra help.

There are some subjects we cannot stand.

We can’t focus on the subject, cannot follow what it is about, and cannot gather the motivation to start with that subject. With these subjects we often try to find a curriculum that is easy to follow, is video taught, or is as hands-off for you, the teacher, as possible.

Then, there are the times when we don’t mind the subject, might even like it, but there is just a concept or two that we are really not confident or comfortable teaching our kids. These concepts are often avoided or skipped over. Usually, this is not a bad thing, our kiddos still learn a lot of wonderful things but sometimes it is a concept our kiddos really want to learn about.

I would like to spend some time, maybe every other week or so to write on these daunting concepts. These will be in no specific order and will jump from subject to subject.

The first concept we will dive into is the Microscope

Science is one of those subjects that I have heard many parents say challenges them. I personally am one of those people that loves science and

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Keeping Creative Kids Focused

Some children have trouble staying focused because of age,

Some children have trouble staying focused because of energy,

but the ones I want to talk about are the creative ones.


The mind of a creative child is a very unique mind. They are forever coming up with things to build, stories to tell, and places to run off to. They can be

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Do You Know How to Juggle??

My youngest is interested in robotics.

My older boy is into chemical reactions.

My daughter wants to learn about animal behavior.

Each of these individually can be extremely challenging to teach. Robotics starts with simple machines, progresses to more complex mechanisms, and then adds in electronic components. I have a basic understanding of the first one of those but chemical reactions are beyond me. I know the

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When Friends Interrupt School Time


Friends are such blessings. They help us smile when times are tough. They give good advice when we need guidance. They know exactly when we need a fun break or when we need silence to buckle down on a task.

But sometimes things do not go that smoothly

At some point in your homeschool journey there has been or will be a friend that makes homeschooling difficult. There will  be a friend that likes that we homeschool because they think that that means we can go out in the middle of the day and have fun with them. There will be a friend who thinks that because we homeschool, that means we can talk on the phone all day or stalk facebook with them.

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If YOU choose to homeschool in SC what HELP do you have??? Glad you ask! (YouTube recording)

Wakesha and Angela youtube thumbnail

One of the new things I’m working on is providing resources to the homeschooling community and specifically the members of UCHU.

You have to watch the YouTube live interview I had to Wakesha Fogle of Greenville, SC to learn what we are providing for YOU!! 🙂


A little about Wakesha:

Wakesha Fogle is a devoted educator of almost two decades and co-founder, alongside her husband Emanuel, of WAKE Academy and Consulting LLC of Greenville, South Carolina. WAKE Academy and Consulting’s mission is to bridge instructional gaps and circumvent educational pitfalls students experience. Mrs. Fogle believes that all students are extraordinary, each with their own varying extraordinary needs; therefore, necessitating an extra-ordinary education. WAKE strives to make this a reality through unleashing the potential of scholars, families and educators, by equipping them with the individualized support they need and deserve. Not only has Wakesha been a devoted educator for the past eighteen years, she is also a wife and mother of three daughters.

Be sure to take advantage of WAKE Academy and Consulting LLC! Wakesha provides online Math tutoring for students of all grade levels. Be sure to reach out to Wakesha for services you may be searching for. 🙂

Enjoy the interview and would LOVE to hear your feedback!!

(Please share this interview and look for other interviews in the near future. You just never know what homeschooling family need to hear this information.)

Angela UCHU website pic

Angela Jordan Perry, is a wife of 25 years, homeschooling Mom of eight children, mentor, entrepreneur, direct marketer, mad’am farmer, homeschool co-op director, Toastmasters Competent Communicator recipient, racial injustice activist and follower of Yahweh. Angela and her family makes their home in Campobello, SC

SC Legislation Update for Homeschool and Public school families

UCHU here are new state legislation affecting homeschool and public school.


Last update: December 20, 2017
S 611 Summary: Homeschool Recognition Month


S30 Summary: High school graduation requirements

Requires a on-half credit course of study in personal finance with an end-of-year test as a requirement for high school graduation beginning with the 2018-2019 school year.

S 31 Summary: Special education diploma
The state can award a special ed diploma instead of the certificate of attendance to handicap high school students.

S 43 Summary: High school study of U.S. Constitution
Provides that each public high school must provide instruction concerning the United States Constitution, the Federalist Papers and the Declaration of Independence to each student for at least one year.

H 3350 Summary: School attendance requirements
Increases from seventeen to eighteen the age of the child at which a parent or guardian no longer has responsibility to cause the child to attend school.

S 231 Summary: Driver’s license
Provides that, in addition to other requirements to obtain full licensure, a person at least fifteen years of age and under twenty-one years of age who has never held a form of license evidencing previous driving experience must enroll in and successfully complete a driver training course conducted by a driver training school.

S 339 Summary: SC Promise Scholarship Act
Promise Scholarship offers another state run scholarship for students in public, private, or charter school and to home school students who use Option 1 or Option 2, but NOT Option 3.

S 241 Summary: Income tax credit
Authorizes a deduction from state of South Carolina taxable Income up to two thousand dollars per child per year to a parent or legal guardian for home school-related expenditures. This deduction is limited to a total of two thousand dollars per child per year regardless of the number of taxpayers incurring home school instruction-related expenses. The deduction allowed by this subsection is fully deductible for the calendar year in which the home school term begins provided the qualifying student completes the school term for that school year.

S 462 Summary: Uniform high school diplomas
Revises the requirements for diplomas to provide “personalized pathways” to education (something most home schoolers are currently doing anyway). This bill passed and was signed by the Governor on May 19th.

H 3583 Summary: Palmetto Fellows
Allows the Palmetto Scholarship to be deferred for 2 years after high school graduation. It has passed the House and is now in the Senate, with the change from 2 years to 1 year.

H 3663 Summary: Healthy Youth Act
Called the “Healthy Youth Act” requires all health standards to be “evidence based.”

H 3934 Summary: Income tax credit
Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, a parent or legal guardian who home schools may claim a credit of up to five thousand dollars for instruction-related expenditures.

H 4032 Summary: Life scholarship eligibility criteria
Beginning with School Year 2018-2019, an entering freshman at a four-year institution to be eligible for a LIFE Scholarship must be in the top thirty percent of his high school graduating class. For home school students and students whose high school graduating class is less than fifty students, the Commission on Higher Education may define alternative criteria for students to meet the requirement of item. This would require ranking in accountability groups by eliminating the other two criteria possibilities.

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Phone: 803-772-2330

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Angela Jordan Perry




Registration Opening Soon, 2017-2018 homeschooling year! United Christian Homeschoolers Unlimited – Accountability Association, Option 3 Homeschooling.

Another homeschooling year is getting finished up by many families.

For others, their next homeschooling year has begun.

Still others, they just keep on trucking through the summer homeschooling.

Either way, if you are a CURRENT member of UCHU-AA (United Christian Homeschoolers Unlimited-Accountability Association) OR is desiring to become a member ……….

The dates for registering are down below!!

2017-2018 Homeschooling Year Registration

If you are homeschooling or desiring to homeschool in the state of South Carolina…..

First thing is first…..understand your options!

To homeschool in South Carolina you must homeschool under ONE of the THREE options.

Not sure which Option to choose?

Watch this video and figure it out!!!

Then subscribe to my YouTube channel where you can get in the know of homeschooling in SC. YouTube channel is: Angela Jordan Perry – UCHU

Rather you join my association or another….you will be well informed. 🙂

If you have questions please send comments or email me. 🙂

To learn more about United Christian Homeschoolers Unlimited – Accountability Association go to the UCHU-AA tab and read the parent handbook, FAQs and the other goodies I have available.

(Share UCHU with a current homeschooling friend or family member. This Option 3 association just might be the accountability group they are looking for.)

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Angela Jordan Perry, is a wife of 24 years, homeschooling Mom of eight children, mentor, entrepreneur, Young Living direct marketer, mad’am farmer, homeschool Academy director, President of Women’s Empowerment Toastmaster-Greenville and follower of Jesus Christ. Angela and her family makes their home in Campobello, SC.

Real, Raw, Realities of this Homeschooling Mom. Baring it all.

This late night I could not stop the racing of all the thousands of words flowing through my weary Momma brain.

It all started when I quickly ran back to the kitchen sink to turn off the water. I started filling up a pitcher of water. And it was overflowing in the sink.

I felt convicted to have this Clean. Fresh. Well water. be wasted into the drain.


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Live: Withdrawing from public school to Homeschool in SC (vblog)

Today’s conversation is an extension of my conversation with Susan M. just last week. Susan is a Mom that was considering homeschooling this late in the year. After our conversation she realized that she can do it and will do so as it will be best for her daughter.

As always your questions always provide pertinent conversation for the UCHU YouTube channel.

If you’ve not subscribed yet or gone to YouTube and given your thumbs up…..THEN DO SO NOW. 🙂

Since so many are this late in the schooling year they want to know a few things:
1. Is it to late to withdraw from public school to public school?

2. What is the process for withdrawing students from public school?

3. How to count the 180 days of required homeschooling until Option 3 laws.

(Share this post with a friend or on your social media resource. You just never know who may be considering homeschooling and desire to do so NOW.)

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Angela Jordan Perry, is a wife of 24 years, homeschooling Mom of eight children, mentor, entrepreneur, Young Living direct marketer, mad’am farmer, homeschool Academy director, President of Women’s Empowerment Toastmaster-Greenville and follower of Jesus Christ. Angela and her family makes their home in Campobello, SC.