Steps to an Unplanned Trial Run

Have you ever noticed how sometimes a bad situation can suddenly turn into a good one? An inability to find work locally leads to an enlistment where you meet people you will be friends with for the rest of your life. A forced move allows you to learn about a new area that you end up loving and never wanting to leave. A falling out with a babysitter has you taking an extended vacation from work that turns into loving being a stay at home mom and dedicating all your time to your kids.

These are all things that happened to my family and me and through them, we have learned to look for the positive in tough or unplanned situations. The current situation in our country has parents in an intimidating unplanned situation but thankfully, most of them are making school closings a positive for them and their children.


I have been talking to a number of parents in my area that suddenly

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Wisdom in Times of Concern

All the neighborhood kids are home all day now, wanting to play.

Currently, my husband is a work-from-home husband. For how long? I have no idea.

Our neighbors who work 3rd shift are scrambling to find ways to still get their sleep, take care of their kids, and follow through with new precautionary procedures at their work.

A lot has changed quickly and many are concerned.

No, doubt there is a reason to be concerned. No matter what side of the fence you sit on, what perspective you have on the current state of our country with this sickness, you are concerned about something.

Notice, I say concerned and not worried.


I purposefully choose these words. I am choosing to be

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Quote me on That

I occasionally have the privilege of sitting in on standard classes (I am in school working on an education degree) and while in the classes I often see quotes hanging in the classrooms or in the hallways. Quotes are also used during lessons and students would even share some with me. This got me thinking.


What quotes stand out to my own kids?

I remember being in school and hearing so many quotes but my favorites were by Albert Einstien. One such quote stated, “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” As a child,

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Teaching Love

What would the month of February be without love? The two are forever interconnected thanks to Valentine’s Day. In our home, we do not make a big deal out of the day but rather use it to springboard lessons on compassion and empathy for others throughout the month. This year, our lessons have been more on what love is and what it is not.


But what is love?

This question is one that has been asked many times over the history of man but we are not trying to go that deep into what love is. I want

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Finding a Rhythm for my School Day

I have mentioned before in a previous post that we do not have a set schedule for our school day. This is not to say that I haven’t tried. I remember when my kids were in lower elementary grades and I was trying to manage visual therapy sessions, three kids (two of them temperamental twins), household work (to include repairs), the hubby’s civilian work and school plus military things he needed help with and school my kids.

I very much wanted a set schedule. 


At one point I created a specific schedule of when exactly school

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What I hear a lot: Why didn’t you just ask?

There are many things that I hear a lot and some of them are said by the same people or only certain people say certain things. The one I am going to focus on is one I am sure you have heard.

Why didn’t you just ask?


This can be said in connection with our personal life:

-need a babysitter short notice

-need advice on how to deal with

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Nature: How Much Is Too Much?

Lately, the weather has been back and forth so many times I do not know what season we are in. One day it will be 30 and winter-like, the next day it will be 60, sunny and almost early summer feeling. The weather going back and forth as it has been has caused some plants to even bloom early. This has me thinking about spring and what that means for us.

Nature Walks and Hiking

We are a very outdoorsy family. We camp in regular tents, my boys go on weekend backpacking trips, my daughter and I have camped not only in 25-degree weather but also in a torrential downpour (unplanned). We have hiked little trails that are only one

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Morning Battles

Every morning I brace myself for a battle.

It is not a battle most people think of either. It’s not a battle against a long day. It’s not a battle against kids who don’t want to get up. It’s not a battle against starting school work. No, my battle is a unique one for me.


My son doesn’t want to eat breakfast.

Now, that’s not entirely true. He is hungry and willing

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Unexpected Changes to the Schedule

I do not have a planned out, hour-by-hour schedule, but we have a schedule established in our home.

Get up, eat, see Daddy off to work, morning chores, then independent book work. After independent book work, there is a bit of a break, kid showers (after arguments), lunch, then group time work before they all run out of the house to play for the rest of the day.

This works for us. This also just changed.

I find it interesting that once we get a good rhythm going in our house, things have to change. Whether it changes because your kids hit a new developmental stage or something happens with a family member, or a parent’s job gets changed up, there always is a change. For instance, a few years back my mom and little brother came to live with us for 8 months. Another instance was when my twins developed from young kids who had to do hands-on things all the time to ferocious readers who wanted more library books on what we were learning about. Yet another example would be when my hubby was activated with his national guard unit to help with hurricane rescue and evacuation. Changes happen and we have to adjust accordingly

So what changed this time?


We now have a 3-month-old puppy running

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