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Here I go!!! Florida Home Educators Association Special Needs Conference

As a board member of SCHEA (South Carolina Home Educators Association) and Assistant Director of Upstate Special Needs Homeschoolers of South Carolina, I am honored and privileged to represent both organizations and special needs homeschoolers of South Carolina at Florida Home Educators Association’s Special Needs Conference in Orlando.

SCHEA, UCHU and Upstate Special Needs Homeschoolers of South Carolina along with help from SCHAIS plan to host a state wide special needs conference in March 2015 for South Carolina.

This is a great opportunity to learn a lot, gather lots of resources for our homeschooling special needs families and students as well as glean as much information as possible as we prepare and plan for SC’s Special Needs Conference.

I appreciate prayers on all sides. 🙂

Florida Special Needs conference

Special Needs: Dyscalculia


Have you ever heard of this special needs before?

This is a disability/challenge that is more common than not. And one that goes with out notice or attention.

Here is a post that debuffs some myths about this challenge that many children live with but is labeled as a child who doesn’t like math.

What do you think? Disability? Learning challenge that children will/can eventually grow out of?

5 Common Myths About Dyscalculia

Click >>> HERE<<< to learn more about Dyscalculia. What it is and what it’s not.


Be informed.

Angela P.

“Homeschooling and Special Needs” Blog Tour

Here is gathered a great blog tour that you can enjoy for some days regarding the subject of homeschooling and special needs.

The sad reality is that there just aren’t a lot of resources out there on the subject 😦

Please enjoy this ‘blog journey.’ Please post other homeschooling and special needs resources down in the comment section.


~Angela P.

Resources for Homeschooling and Special Needs {Blog Tour} (<<<< just click on the link to the left – the blue lettering<<<)


Apps to Help Students With Dysgraphia and Writing Difficulties

This site provide some really great resources to utilize and look into.

I’m glad I came upon this site!! 🙂


~Angela P.

Trouble Finding or Saying the Right Word? It Could Be Dyslexia Written by NCLD Editorial Team

I found this blog post to be very enlightening!!! 

I hope you take a moment to go to the link below and check it out. Great information regarding dyslexia. 🙂

~Angela P.


Special Needs Homeschooling – Yes You Can!! :)

Homeschool Children with special needs poster

Homeschooling Children with Special Needs

How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum for a Child with Special Needs

If you ever wondered how to choose ‘just’ the right curriculum for your child with special needs I hope you find the above website very informative!!! 

~Angela P.

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