2 Live Interviews (YouTube): Episode 8: Courageous & Brave Mom schooling twin boys with special needs, TaShauna Spurgeon​. Episode 9: Skip all the Doubts and Go In with ‘Yes’, Michelle Huddleston

Girlfriend’s Guide to Homeschooling has been on FIYAH today!!!

Two interviews today with some amazing homeschooing Moms!!! So very encouraging you will not want to miss these interviews!

Episode 8: Courageous & Brave Mom schooling twin boys with special needs, TaShauna Spurgeon​.


Episode 9: Skip all the Doubts and Go In with ‘Yes’, Michelle Huddleston

Both bios are down below.


TaShauna Spurgeons of South Carolina, 2 year homeschooling Mom:



Michelle Huddleston of Kentucky, 5 year homeschooling Mom of 4 children (3 under the age of 3 years old), author, prior public school educator and more.



TaShauna Spurgeon:

TaShauna Spurgeon moved to the Greenville, SC area after graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park (goooo Terps). She has been “Dari’s wife” for 11 years and “Garrison & Evan’s mom” for 9 years. TaShauna is homeschooling her two sons, both of whom have been diagnosed with autism. She is a stay at home wife, mom and is in her second year of homeschooling.

Michelle Huddleston:

Michelle Huddleston (not sure if you want to include my credential M.S.Ed) is a homeschooling mompreneur of four and married to her high school crush. Michelle is the blogger and resource creator behind the new thriving online community, With the Huddleston’s. She is also a four-time self-published author and is passionate about helping new homeschool moms get started on the right foot. Connect with Michelle through her blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Michelle also has a coaching practice,  Aman Homeschool Consulting. Aman (ah-mahn) is Hebrew for support and to confirm. Her desire for her business to help new homeschooling moms in various aspects, but overall get started on the right foot. You can find more info on my site

Michelle’s various connects:


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Angela UCHU website pic

Angela Jordan Perry, is a wife of 25 years, homeschooling Mom of eight children, mentor, entrepreneur, direct marketer, mad’am farmer, homeschool co-op director, Toastmasters Competent Communicator recipient, racial injustice activist and follower of Yahweh. Angela and her family makes their home in Campobello, SC

January 16, 2016 – Ideas for celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

“I have a Dream” are the words of a speech that most are familiar with when they think of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Most never have heard the entire oratory declaration with all it’s conviction, power, forthought and eloquence.

The “I Have A Dream” speech is literally more than 13 mins long.

In this post you will find some amazing resources to help you delve into studying this iconic person that shaped our history.

My encouragement to you is to take time to add Martin Luther King, Jr. into your studies this month. Not just January 16, 2017 but throughout the month or even sprinkle this study throughout the year. 🙂


Video 3 mins

Fun Cartoon on Dr.Martin Luther King Jr for Kids! Dr. Martin…

Dr. Martin King, Jr.’s Biography 6 mins. 4 sec.

Martin Luther King, Jr. mini unit 13 pages  <<<<<<<<<<<<< click on the link


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Serving You and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry,

UCHU owner/director/administrator


Angela Jordan Perry, is a wife of 24 years, homeschooling Mom of eight children, entrepreneur, mad’am farmer, Toastmaster and follower of Christ. Angela and her family makes their home in Campobello, SC.

African American Homeschooling on the rise, over 200,000 Black parents are homeschooling their children




Was I ever encouraged to read the above article! 

This is good news to see that homeschooling is one the rise amongst african american/brown/black homeschool families!! 

This is great news.

Enjoy reading the article.

~Angela P.