Believe it or not when I was 12 years old I decided I would homeschool my children.

Homeschool all 4-sons (that I hoped I would have).

Well, that dream came true.

I began homeschooling in the year 2000.

I now have 4-sons AND 4-daughters.

I believe homeschooling has been the best decision of our lives!!

If you are wondering…. we have tried public school twice.

When my oldest was 2nd grade in 2004.

And in Jan. 2020 right before things shut down due to the pandemic.

We learned that our hopeful option for academic/education is to continue homeschooling.


Because we love FREEDOM!!

*schedule freedom
*academic freedom
*travel freedom
*financial freedom
*dress freedom
*education resource freedoms
*’loving life’ freedom
*freedom for my children to learn how they learn
*freedom to include other teachers in their academic journey if I want
*freedom to teach my children what I feel is important academically to us as a family
*FREEDOM. Plain old wholesome freedom.

My desire is that other families enjoy these same educational freedoms!

Help me reach 600 families in SC who deserve to experience educational and academic freedom by educating their own children.


Let’s make it happen!!

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Serving you and yours,

Angela Fafali Nyarko, owner/director

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