Why homeschool?

Why homeschool?

  1. It’s your god-given right to homeschool/home educate your own children.

You’ve already been their FIRST teacher from their conception/birth or adoption.

You taught them your voice and songs while in utero. You taught them how to eat, their name, how to use the potty and a lot more.

You CAN educate your children.

Whatever subjects you believe you can’t teach then there are a host of resources to tap into to help along the journey.

  1. The freedom to grow with your children.

Day in and day out you are living life with them. Seconds, minutes and hours are spent together cultivating a relationship. Relationship building that isn’t given to someone else who schools them all day which is time you can never gain back.

  1. The flexibility to create your life around your own schedule.

You desire to go on vacation? Take extra days off to adjust to a new born birth, family illness, death, celebrations? Not a morning person and would like to start your day later.

You can do just that. Create the schedule that works for your life.

  1. Educate according to your child’s learning style.

All children learn differently and require different methods and/or resources.

Your child may soar academically in certain subjects yet have challenges in others.

Whatever the case you get to create the learning environment that works for your children and for you.

  1. Academic freedom.

Often academics are decided upon by an entitiy that does not have your belief/faith values, convictions or view what YOU feel is important aspects of education. ie learning about your culture, historical truths, financial/entrepreneurial astuteness, etc.

You will have the freedom to oick additional subjects and topics beyond the five required subjects under Option 3 (math, science social studies, reading, writing; literature and composition once they are 7th-12th grade.)

  1. Charcater building: self-confidence, self-value, self-worth and the ability to converse with othersas their true authentic selves

Who better to teach a child who they are and who they have freedom to be then their parent?

Water your children beautfully and faithfully then watch them grow. 😊

  1. Cost of homeschooling is far less then you imagine.

-No new clothes required to start the school year.
-Very little cost or no cost for curriculum and education resources. Online. Youtube. KhanAcademy, Virtual Homeschool group and many more free resources to utilize.

Borrow, barter, purchase used curriculum as you desire.

Your schooling budget will be up to you alone.

  1. No bullying from other children.


  1. Create the community you desire your children to have.

Connect with other homeschooling communities and families educationally that align with your convictions and beliefs.

You have the freedom to ‘build and construct your village.’

  1. World schooling is a thing.
    Take home education around the world. The world now becomes your child’s educational backyard and all things becomes a learning experience.

Literally, hit the road and travel with your children.

  1. Medical protection.

No worries about your children being exposed to sicknesses, diseases and the like as they are safe within their home or in the controlled environment you design.

Their immune system will not have to be comprised and can be wholesomely boosted as you design their meals.

Yeah….. you should really consider these benefits and home educate your children.

What other reasons did you decide to homeschool?

Or what reasons can you think will be a benefit for you considering home educating?

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Peace and many blessings for the homeschool journey.

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Angela Fafali Nyarko, owner/director United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited

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