REGISTER: US History for Kids (3rd-6th grade) – UCHU Online Course, Begins Wed., Sept. 22, 2021

Virtual online class for 2021-2022

This interactive U.S. History class correlates with ALL state
standards and will stir up your child’s natural curiosity by:

*Using multimedia/technology to bring lessons to life
*Focusing on a true understanding of events and concepts rather than just facts
*Engaging students with constant specific vocabulary to improve their
literacy skills
*Incorporating writing assignments to help ensure a thorough understanding
*Allowing students to choose their own topics to debate in a written or
oral format

Begins: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

15 week course in 1st semester. 15 weeks in 2nd semester

10-10:45 am EST, Wednesdays

Registration deadline: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

FEE: $160 per semester (2 semesters). 4 – $40 a month each a semester. (total of 8 months for both semester). Per family

Register here:

Teisha Shelby Houston
Teisha Shelby-Houston started her homeschooling journey back in 1998 when her oldest qas 5. Today he and his brother have both graduated from college with honors;  the third son is currently in college, the fourth son just started his sophomore year in high school and the fifth child, a girl, is a freshman at the same charter high school. She schooled her five children while running a business as a Corporate Trainer and a Business Coach for executives and mompreneurs. This allowed her to teach her children about  entrepreneurship, geography, leadership and public speaking as they were able to travel with her for an Active Curriculum.


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