Finding a Rhythm for my School Day

I have mentioned before in a previous post that we do not have a set schedule for our school day. This is not to say that I haven’t tried. I remember when my kids were in lower elementary grades and I was trying to manage visual therapy sessions, three kids (two of them temperamental twins), household work (to include repairs), the hubby’s civilian work and school plus military things he needed help with and school my kids.

I very much wanted a set schedule. 


At one point I created a specific schedule of when exactly school

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Do You Know How to Juggle??

My youngest is interested in robotics.

My older boy is into chemical reactions.

My daughter wants to learn about animal behavior.

Each of these individually can be extremely challenging to teach. Robotics starts with simple machines, progresses to more complex mechanisms, and then adds in electronic components. I have a basic understanding of the first one of those but chemical reactions are beyond me. I know the

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Happy Fall….Cleaning?


So that time of year is fast approaching again. It’s fall. If you’re in the upper part of the state you may be experiencing some signs that fall is coming. I grew up in Greenville County and always loved this time of year. In the Midlands where we live now, there are no signs of Autumn just yet. There’s pretty much two seasons summer and a very short-lived winter. So I don’t get to enjoy Fall the way I once did. Oh how I miss the days of my youth..sometimes.

But this post is not about the weather. I want to talk about cleaning. What?!? Yes! That’s right cleaning. It’s not Spring, but it’s a time you can use to clear that unnecessary clutter. We often look at Fall as a time to hide inside, put the pumpkin spice on tap, and hunker down for the cold winter months ahead. But let’s also use this time to make a positive change in our environment. 

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When Friends Interrupt School Time


Friends are such blessings. They help us smile when times are tough. They give good advice when we need guidance. They know exactly when we need a fun break or when we need silence to buckle down on a task.

But sometimes things do not go that smoothly

At some point in your homeschool journey there has been or will be a friend that makes homeschooling difficult. There will  be a friend that likes that we homeschool because they think that that means we can go out in the middle of the day and have fun with them. There will be a friend who thinks that because we homeschool, that means we can talk on the phone all day or stalk facebook with them.

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What is the Plan?

I am not a type A person, I do not stick to schedules well, and I am a very spontaneous person sometimes. I used to think that these qualities worked against my ability to properly plan but the problem was really my perspective of what “proper planning” was.


To get right to it, proper planning is a relative term. It solely depends on the person who is planning as to what is proper. For me, what works best is more of a rhythm of a day, versus a schedule. I do not plan out time slots for specific subjects and I do not have to keep things on a tight schedule. Instead,

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Messy Monday: Homeschooling and Home-Cleaning :p

I’m SURE you thought Messy Monday would focus on doing something with your children that is FUN and MESSY!

Well, I’m changing it up a bit this week. We are going to focus on the OPPOSITE of being Messy!!!

That is being CLEAN. ORGANIZED WHILE homeschooling!

Ok….Nobody and I mean *nobody* understands this focused concern, continually monkey on the back, daily grind more than I do.

Years ago I decided to make life easier for myself by having a well planned out chore schedule in order to keep our home clean.

I will say that i was MUCH EASIER keeping a clean house when my children were little as opposed to now when they are older. 😛

While they were little, I decided what things they were going to have, where they would play with it and when they would play with it.

While they are older, they have all sorts of *stuff* they want to hold on to (pack racks), things they want to pull out and look at here, there and every where. Just stuff. So at times I am constantly having them pick up *their* stuff while they maintain their chore list.

Most of the time our weeks will go back flawless and our house is kept clean and orderly.

But sometimes…….. just sometimes…… Well you. Disaster just happen and chore list is forgotten for a few days.

But with so many people in our home I still find that we have tons of stuff to deal with and find a place for……….especially since we live in a smaller house than what we did just a year ago as of this writing.

So……for Messy Monday’s focus my goal is to provide helpful resources to assist you in keeping your *house school* orderly, organized and clean.

It may involve a lot of work on the front end but the benefits are rewarding on the back end. 🙂

perfect homeschool room


They are pictures.

They are blogs.

And they are suppose to look/sound perfect.

Take what you find helpful. Work on a few elements at a time. Add to the few helpful things you can grasp right now. Then grow from there. 🙂

Happy a Happy Messy Monday (Clean Monday)!

Simply CLICK on the below links to go to the helpful website. 🙂

Cleaning Schedule for Homeschool Families

Keeping a Tidy Home While Homeschooling

Keeping It Simple: Lessons on Household Management


Angela P.

Serving You and Yours. 🙂