Stop Dumbing Down Education


Straight facts!!

Don’t be afraid to teach your children OUTSIDE of the curricula for their age or grade level.

Why stick to those man-made boundaries anyways?

Grade level to age, curricula for a grade level are all resources created to make PUBLIC SCHOOLING easy.

Homeschoolers DO NOT have to be confined to these boundaries.

Kids will and can learn any and everything you teach them.

A book I am reading today, “Dumbing Us Down”, indicated that information children were learning at age 7 yrs old was equivilent to what college students are learning now.


The expectation was for them to learn.

Not limit what they are capable of learning.

That’s. All!

Let’s all break from boundaries set by ‘some smarty-pants’ and allow children to learn as they like.

Option 3 homeschooling in SC allows for this.

Begin your homeschooling journey.
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Peace and many blessings,
Angela Fafali Nyarko,
United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited owner/director

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Angela Fafali Nyarko, owner/director