Ways to Stimulate Your Child’s Imagination :)

Using your imagination and being creative is a major part of life.  People who are creative are not only those in the arts, but those who can problem solve and create solutions to major problems.

color painted child hand

What types of things do YOU do to stimulate your child’s creativity?

I’m sure we each can testify to the fact of our children having VERY LARGE imaginations.

Just in case you are looking for some other creative ways this link will be a great resource to help develop it all the more.

Click on the word >>>HERE<<<  to learn at least 25 more ways to stimulate their creative minds. 🙂


Angela P.

Teaching Math Through Art!!! Who knew :P

Teaching Math Through Art” takes students from around 3rd to the 8th grade and goes through all the things they need to know in math and puts lessons in a hands on art context. Rotations, reflections, fractions (when drawing the face, measuring tryptches, grids, and more), three dimensional shapes, and much more are included.

Go see for our yourself……..

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Learn How to Draw Animals Step-by-Step

In our homeschool/family, I feel very fortunate to have children who enjoy drawing. This is NOT a gift that they received from their dad nor their mom. It’s amazing to see children who ‘practice’ drawing…….religiously, in order to get better. Needless to say and sadly to say it’s not been something that I have ‘fanned’ the flames of interest for them. Although, I did allow our third oldest to take a local art class.

This online drawing program may give some help and guidance to your homeschooling children who would like to learn to develop the gift and art of drawing. Maybe you will even want to incorporate it into you homeschool.

This site teaches children to draw animals step-by-step.


Enjoy!! :p

~Angela P.