Organically Grown

What time of day or week do you harvest your vegetables?

Do you harvest your vegetables all at once or when you are ready to make a meal?

What are some of your favorite dishes that you make using your fruits or vegetables?

Last week, I wrote a blog titled Garden to Table in which I discuss all of our fruits and vegetables that my husband planted in our garden.

If you have not had an opportunity to read Garden to Table, I highly recommend that you read it before you continue reading this one.

This week’s blog is about our harvest. On a daily basis, I observe my husband admiring our garden and checking to see if the vegetables are ready to harvest.

He checked today the squash, zucchini, and some peppers were ready to pick or (harvest).

My husband made a delicious squash and potatoes dish tonight.

Why is it important for my family to have a garden?

It allows my family an opportunity to plant fruits and vegetables that our family enjoys eating.

In addition, it is a learning opportunity for my family to learn how to plant, to care for, and how fruits and vegetables grow.

I am extremely proud of my husband for organizing our garden and learning how to harvest our vegetables.

What vegetable or fruit are you enjoying today?

Happy Homeschooling!!!

Have a great day!!!!

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