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Hope you had an awesome homeschool day today. If you did or didn’t laugh it up a little. YOU DESERVE TO!! Begin your homeschooling journey.Continue your homeschool journey. #HomeschoolStrong Learn more here:www.UCHUnlimited.com Schedule a phone chat with me from my virtual calendar as needed:www.calendly.com/UCHUThirdOption/15min Share this post as you never know who may just need …

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It’s a homeschool ‘thang.’ (Video)

It’s a homeschool ‘thang.’ Mom of student says: Today’s math lesson involved baking a cake for Valentine’s Day. This was a fun way to expand on our measurements unit for Math With Confidence. #homeschooliscool #homeschooldays #homeschooling #homeeducation #homeschoolfreedom #uchu #unitedcommunityofhomeschoolersunlimted #homeschoolinginSC #homeschoollife #SChomeschooling #Option3 #Option3homeschooling #AngelaJordan

Math: Homeschool – Real life lesson. Speed limit.

“What is the speed limit in this area, son!? Quick. What’s the answer?” Everywhere our children look ….there’s a school lesson to be mastered. Lol 😅 Schooling is everywhere! 😬 Answer: x = 45 ?? Do you know?? Is that correct? Don’t get a speeding ticket!! Lol!!🤷🏾‍♀️ Serving you and yours! #mathlessons #lifequizzes #homeschooliscool #homeschooldays …

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Get Your Meal Prep Game On (Fridge Edition)

So a while back I shared how easy and helpful it is to create meals to fill your freezer with to keep you out of the kitchen. It’s so helpful on busy days to go to the freezer and pull out a meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three! Well I’m here to tell …

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