Curriculum That’s Easy Peasy!

Ok. So, I’m not very versed on curriculum, but I wanted to share my experience with the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool curriculum. We had our first child go through kindergarten last year, and this year we have a first grader, two kindergartners, and a host of toddlers and preschoolers (Lol). clarissa-watson-jAebodq7oxk-unsplash

I created my own curriculum last year with our first. I loved it. I found everything for free online or used things I had gathered during my time in graduate school and while working in childcare. I was able to flow freely into any subject matter I wanted without feeling bound by a script or someone else’s objectives. I was free to leave an area of study if it were time to move on or stay in that area until we mastered it. 

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Website updates

As GREAT resources become available I am quick to add them to the website.

Here are a few resources that have been added:

* – this link has been added under the *Homeschool Resources tab* under *Free Online Curriuculum* tab

Saylor offers FREE college prep courses in which your student can earn credit

*Four-Year Plan form – this form is located under the tab *Homeschool 101/GED info* then head to *Homeschool Forms* tab, then *Homeschool Forms link* finally choose *Four-Year Plan*

This form will allow you to map out the proposed courses for your homeschooler. This form will also allow you to *see* what courses you’d like them to complete in order to ensure they have completed all of the desired courses in order to graduate.