After the Break is Done

After an academic break, sometimes we feel we have to jump back in full speed. We want to get our children and ourselves back on the same schedule. We also want to start rolling at the same pace as we were before our break started.

While those intentions are great, there is no need to stress yourself out just yet. Why not ease your way into this thing called school. Just take your time and flow back into your regular schedule.


So how do we ease our way back into school mode and fulfill our homeschool requirements? I’m so glad you asked! There are lots of ways to bring you back into the fray without the frazzle.

I always start with review when we return from break. I know my children are easy to forget our last lesson. To be honest, I barely remember sometimes. So, I like to use videos to help jog our memories. Then we discuss what’s in the videos. Our favorite place for videos is Youtube. However, you can find educational videos anywhere on the web. Check out Turtle Diary for lots of great videos and more.

Independent reading is another way to get your students back into the mix. Let them read a book of their choosing or you can choose one for them. (A biography would be great!) It doesn’t have to be 1000 pages. Just something short to get their mental juices flowing again. Then students can write a short book report on what they read. Check your local library for your next favorite title. Search Teachers Pay Teachers for a book report template (many are free).

Speaking of writing, how about writing a few journal entries. Let your children write (or draw pictures) about what they experienced on break. You can also pick a few topics for them to write on. Search the web for age appropriate journal prompts. Check these out for kindergarten.

You can also let nature be your guide. Most days are mild or warm. It’s a great opportunity to  get out and enjoy some fresh air. So take a short walk in the neighborhood or trip to a nearby parks. Then talk about what you’ve seen, collect some cool items for a nature collage, or do a short report on an animal or plant you discovered.

There’s also computer games, board games (also puzzles and legos), and worksheets that can help start your homeschool up after a long break. The possibilities are pretty much endless. So, use one of these tips above and take your time getting back into the groove of things this semester.


Naja Coles

I’m most importantly a follower of Christ by who’s blood we believe there is salvation. We believe in biblical Truth only. Being led by the Spirit of God, we seek to raise our family by that Truth. I am a wife of 7 years, and mom to 8 wonderful children ages 6 years-11 months. We have been homeschooling for 2 years officially (6 if you include preschool). I enjoy music, gardening, and learning to live a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle. 

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