When Friends Interrupt School Time


Friends are such blessings. They help us smile when times are tough. They give good advice when we need guidance. They know exactly when we need a fun break or when we need silence to buckle down on a task.

But sometimes things do not go that smoothly

At some point in your homeschool journey there has been or will be a friend that makes homeschooling difficult. There will  be a friend that likes that we homeschool because they think that that means we can go out in the middle of the day and have fun with them. There will be a friend who thinks that because we homeschool, that means we can talk on the phone all day or stalk facebook with them.

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What is the Plan?

I am not a type A person, I do not stick to schedules well, and I am a very spontaneous person sometimes. I used to think that these qualities worked against my ability to properly plan but the problem was really my perspective of what “proper planning” was.


To get right to it, proper planning is a relative term. It solely depends on the person who is planning as to what is proper. For me, what works best is more of a rhythm of a day, versus a schedule. I do not plan out time slots for specific subjects and I do not have to keep things on a tight schedule. Instead,

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Curriculum, When is it Time to Change

It was 10 in the morning.

Reading had been completed.

Science had been completed.

Art had been done and thoroughly enjoyed.

Time for math and five minutes in my older boy, his twin sister and I were all crying


This is an obvious case of when to change curriculum but for me it was one of the hardest ones. I was still new to homeschooling, we were extremely tight on money, I had already bought the math program and I had heard wonderful things about it.

Why wouldn’t it work for us?

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Do I have to do this book?! … You’re excited for the new year but your kid isn’t

The beginning of a new school year can be exhausting but typically, we look forward to it. Every new experience your kids will have. Every new concept they will learn about. Every new “ah ha” moment. That joy is our driving force and the reason why we do what we do.

Occasionally, there are hiccups that interrupt these joys. They make us second guess ourselves, the curriculum, the method, everything. These hiccups can be caused by many things but the one that every homeschooling parent experiences at least once in their homeschooling years, is resistance or defiance from a child.

No matter how well your child does in school or how fun and engaging you make school, there comes a point in time in a child’s development where they start to question the reasons and some form of these words will come out of their mouth.

“Do I really have to do this subject?”

“Why do I have to do all this work”

“Are you sure this is necessary?”

While hearing this once or twice is not a big deal, there occasionally is a child that becomes stuck in this mindset. When you hear this question day after day, or even multiple times a day, it can wear on you.


The joy of homeschooling becomes tiring and you start to question everything too.


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