Real, Raw, Realities of this Homeschooling Mom. Baring it all.

This late night I could not stop the racing of all the thousands of words flowing through my weary Momma brain.

It all started when I quickly ran back to the kitchen sink to turn off the water. I started filling up a pitcher of water. And it was overflowing in the sink.

I felt convicted to have this Clean. Fresh. Well water. be wasted into the drain.


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The Learning Myth: Why I’ll Never Tell My Son He’s Smart by Salman Kahn

Alright…..I read this article and it was a mind opener.

Hhhhmmm!! Interesting.

The brain grows and intelligence gained as we exercise our brain. Struggle with something until we get it.

So, in essence the writer, Salman Kahn of Kahn Academy, suggests that you should praise children for the conquering or making a clear accomplishment over the struggle instead of praising them when the triumph over something they are capable of doing.

What a change of thought process……

I wonder how this would affect our home schooled children if we encourage the struggle and allow our children to have victory over the struggle of learning.

Great read!

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The Learning Myth: Why I’ll Never Tell My Son He’s Smart

Our first week of homeschool was amazing!! ~Stacy M.

 “Our first week of homeschool was amazing!! There were a couple of days that was a little bit of a struggle but I have enjoyed every minute of teaching my daughter! I’ve wanted to homeschool her ever since the day I found out I was pregnant with her and started 4K with her has been exciting to her as well as myself! I’m so thankful to have found this group so that we can participate in field trips, clubs etc! I’m also thankful God has allowed me to teach my daughter and given me the most amazing desire to do so as well! ” Stacy M.

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Please share your story! Send your story both good or bad and pictures if you have them.

You never know who you may encourage on their journey!

~Angela P. 

First week of school……Praise Report!!

My heart skip happy beats when I receive emails like the one down below!!! 🙂

Please share your story and send me pics of the happy homeschooling crew. 🙂


“We have had a wonderful first week of school. The closeness, love and giggles He has blessed us with are priceless treasures! I am so thankful for you Angela and each of the ladies and families we have been blessed to meet, share and pray with these past few weeks.”

Amy H.