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Pizza Hut Book it – Reading Program

Home Educators……

Don’t forget to sign your children up for the Book-It program. K-6th grades earn a monthly FREE personal pan pizza for meeting YOUR set reading goals.
Sign-up is free! 🙂




Pizza Hut Book It

wOrD of the dAy :p



Some days of home schooling I am so tired and sleep deprived that I know my instruction is some sort of an enigma to my children. Bless their hearts. 🙂

Strong Marriages while homeschooling

Strong marriages is a MUST regardless of what we are doing in life.

But to add the additional ‘work-focus-stress-energy’ of homeschooling can affect our marriages.

And not for the good.

2014-2015…….Let’s not allow ‘homeschooling’ or ‘anything’ to do so.

Start off strong!!!

Here is a 30-day FREE trial to help work on your marriage while homeschooling……while living LIFE together with your forever mate. 🙂

*30 Day Free Trial Offer*

Listen to the best-selling ‘Desperate Marriages’ by Gary Chapman.

Try Audible with a free audiobook today!

Desperate Marriages: Moving Toward Hope and Healing in Your Relationship | [Gary Chapman]



~Angela P.

Celebrating 1st-Day of Homeschooling Ideas :p

Personally, I have been homeschooling for 14 years! Wow, has time flown by!

And honestly, the thrill and excitement of my job has waned a bit.

The fun, frilly, out-of-the-box things I use to do when my older children were younger……well……I just don’t do any  more.

However, since we’ve added to our family through adoption, I now have four younger children that I am homeschooling, I am feeling the need to revert to the ‘super-fun-exciting-act-like-a-clown-homeschooling machine’ mommy I use to be when I was YOUNGER. <sigh> 

Lack of energy and foggy brain can slow a homeschooling Momma down :p

But alas the Lord is my Strength, my Helper and my Creative One. So as of recent, I’ve been crying out to Him to renew, restore and rebirth the ‘above described’ Momma once again.

Here are some things I have found that you may be interested in doing as well as you start back up your school year.

Now if you have already started back homeschooling for this school year…..then now worries……just do one of these creative ways of celebrating your near year NOW.

So if you need some ideas……


100+ Back-to-School Celebration Ideas



~Angela P.


Learn How to Draw Animals Step-by-Step

In our homeschool/family, I feel very fortunate to have children who enjoy drawing. This is NOT a gift that they received from their dad nor their mom. It’s amazing to see children who ‘practice’ drawing…….religiously, in order to get better. Needless to say and sadly to say it’s not been something that I have ‘fanned’ the flames of interest for them. Although, I did allow our third oldest to take a local art class.

This online drawing program may give some help and guidance to your homeschooling children who would like to learn to develop the gift and art of drawing. Maybe you will even want to incorporate it into you homeschool.

This site teaches children to draw animals step-by-step.


Enjoy!! :p

~Angela P.

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