Racist Homeschooling (Part 3): Choosing the Perfect Racist Curriculum for Your Homeschool (YouTube live video)

Before you have a straight-out heart attack…… look. at. the. video.

I will never condone nor suggest that you choose *racist curriculum.*

Though I’m sure there are those who do.

Let’s not fool ourselves with this thought process! Many do.

The purpose here is to suggest you take a look at your homeschooling curriculum to see if it *is* racist…….providing a sense of superiority over other races. And if it does….what it looks like when it does.

And make sure that your homeschool curriculum does not shine a bad light on other races.

I’m guilty of this in the past for my own homeschooling family.

When I realized my error in choice our family made a change! Quick and in a hurry.

Let’s dive in the conversation Girlfriend!! It’s a good one.

Your comments and thoughts are welcome!

If this video hits a nerve…..well let’s talk through it. What’s going on? Why does it not set well with you?

If it has illuminated your thinking…great. Start on the journey to awareness and change. 🙂

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