Episode 1: Homeschooling is a journey not a race with Angel Batson. (YouTube recording)

Girlfriends’ Guide to homeschooling FIRST interview episode with Angel was a great start to our journey together!!!

Angel’s Bio:
Angel Batson is a wife of 25 years to a wonderful man and mother of 3 plus an amazing daughter in love. She is in her 8th year of homechooling and has experienced all forms of education, public, private and homeschool. She is passionate about helping her children to not only be educated but live out their hopes, passions and dreams. She enjoys all the parts of homeschool but will admit her favorites are literature, history and arts and crafts!!!

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Angela Jordan Perry, is a wife of 25 years, homeschooling Mom of eight children, mentor, entrepreneur, direct marketer, mad’am farmer, homeschool co-op director, Toastmasters Competent Communicator recipient, racial injustice activist and follower of Yahweh. Angela and her family makes their home in Campobello, SC