Brotherly Love or Sisterly Love

Do you have a sister or brother?

Do you love him or her unconditionally?

What does sibling love look like to you?

Today, I had an opportunity to observe my children playing in the pool.

My oldest had an ideal to do the trust fall with his younger brother. He caught his brother. I was amazed at the trust that they have in one another.

My husband and I are always telling them that once we

leave this Earth. They will have to look out for each other. Therefore, they need to have a strong brotherly love.

Being siblings, it is not always easy, there will be several arguments and disagreements, but I suggest do not let the disagreements destroy your sibling bond.

For example, our boys are always arguing over simple things like whom should play the Xbox one first because they have one XBOX one that they share.

One day, I overheard their argument. I gave them the advice that they should discuss who should play first and set a time period and swap out once their time was up.

They said, “thank you, Mom?”

This resolved their problem until they had to play again.

My youngest suggested flipping a coin. I told him since it was his decision that he could call it (heads or tails).

Of course, his guest was correct. He was instructed by me that he has two hours; then, it will be his brother turn after two hours.

Back to the point of the story, their brotherly love is always challenged, but my husband and I are always instructing them to never give up on each other.

They will not always agree, and there will be times when they dislike one another. It is always about identify the problem, figuring out how to resolve the problem, and learning how to continue to be there for their sibling.

I love the bond that homeschooling has created among our two boys. In my opinion, homeschooling has increased our family bond and increased their sibling bond too.

Happy Homeschooling!!!

Have a great!!!!

Live Life to The Fullest, You Deserve It!!!!!

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