Discovering Hidden Talents in Your Kids

My husband and I are the owners of a small business called “DeveghomemamaUCD”, a handcrafted all-natural business where we sell a variety of bath bombs, jewelry, and toddlers and kids clothing. Recently, my son showed us a picture of himself which he converted into a cartoon character using an app.

I thought it was absolutely amazing. As a result, my husband and I asked him to create our business logo for us the same way.

Why did I ask him to do this?

In my opinion, it is a trend that several

small business owners are using to provide a picture of them and items that they sell; also, it demonstrates a more personal touch for their business.

Displaying confidence in the ability to be unique stands out against the competition.

Back to the point of this story, I emailed our youngest son our image and he transformed it into a cartoon image. We love it. I updated our social media accounts to include our new logo and our business account too.

I always looked at our youngest son as being a future chef, but I have come to realize that he has many talents like his Dad.

He could be a chef or a graphic designer the options are endless.

 I believe that the sky is the limit as long as he works hard and remain dedicated. He can become a chef or a graphic designer. He would have to determine which path is best for him to complete.

Here is the picture that my youngest son created for us.

Happy Homeschooling!!!

Have a great day!!!!!

Live Life To the Fullest, You Deserve It!!!

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