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Ideas for High School Electives

Homeschool students who are planning to attend college should plan to finish up their schooling with 24 credits. Of those 24 credits, for those students college bound, they should have at least  SEVEN units of electives.

Electives are pretty easy to earn or create BUT just in case you’d like some suggestions or ideas here’s a list down below.

You can also find this list located under the “Homeschool Resources” tab.


Family Living


Music: Applied Music (violin, cello, piano, etc.); Band/Orchestra; Music History; Voice; Music Theory






Drafting & Design

Business English

Air Conditioning


Home Economics

Art: Applied History; Graphic Art and Design; Applied Art (drawing, painting, etc.)


Home Economics

Business Management

Welding & Metalworking

Work Experience


Office Account

Auto Mechanics & Repair

Driver’s Education (1/2 credit)

What others can you name?

Please add them to the comment section. 🙂

More items for sale!

Contact Karen –
Ladies, I have a stack of size 12 clothing I would like to get rid of. It would be nice to get $2/piece, or an offer for the whole lot, or if there is someone really in need I can donate.
Pieces include 3 different style long denim skirts, black cotton pants, black cotton capris pants, black skinny stretch dress pants, khaki cargo style pants, khaki corduroy pants, black dress skirt, black and white floral skirt, short pink summer skirt…maybe a few other things, still looking.
Please email me if you have any interest, and I can send photos.
I’m on the eastside of Spg.

Items for Sale!

Contact Karen –
 I have a Rubbermaid box full of Rockenbok toys that I would like to sell. Pieces include vehicles, charging base, assorted building pieces from sets. If you are interested, email me, I can send a pic, and you can make me an offer. Located on the eastside. This would make a great addition to a current collection. Since we probably don’t have the building manuals, it may not be a great starter set.

#6 Did you know?

What are the required curriculum/subject matter that must be included in your home education during the elementary years include 6th grade (the minimum)?



UCHU-AA Fee Change Notice

United Christian Homeschoolers of the Upstate – Accountability Association is making strides in the number of Christian homeschooling families that it will be serving this upcoming homeschooling year through providing accountability under Option 3. 🙂

All thanks to the Lord for His goodness and purposes being fulfilled. 🙂

For those who are interested, UCHU-AA fees are now at regular pricing of $10 per family!

Read the ‘About UCHU-AA’ page as well as the ‘FAQ’ page to learn more.

Processing of your application and membership fee payment is provided securely through this website under ‘Application.’

Thank you for considering UCHU-AA and please do SPREAD THE WORD about this Christian based accountability association now serving the Christian homeschooling community. 🙂

Serving You and Yours,

Angela P.

Sudanese Christian released a 2nd time!!

Earlier this week we reported that Meriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese Christian woman sentenced to death for her faith, had been released and then rearrested a day later. We are pleased to report that Meriam has again been released and is now inside the US Embassy in Sudan. We look forward to the day she, her husband (an American citizen), and their children, can build their lives safely in America.




United Christian Homeschoolers of the Upstate – Accountability Association

Hi and welcome to
I’m Angela P.,  the owner/moderator for UCHU (United Christian Homeschoolers of the Upstate.) with a bit over 400 families in membership. Woohoo!!
For the coming 2014-2015 homeschool year I am in the process of spearheading a new homeschool accountability association for our homeschooling community that homeschool under Option 3.United Christian Homeschool of the Upstate-Accountability Association (UCHU-AA) seeks to work alongside the already established accountability associations to continue providing accountability for those families under Option 3.
For the most part, majority of the upstate accountability associations are united in this mind-set of providing affordable, quality, professional services and assistance to the homeschooling community.
UCHU-AA desires to do this with Christ’s heartbeat, with a labor of love and with knowledge of the homeschooling requirements in our state. Registration opened last week and things look favorable towards us reaching the required minimum 50 families to be in compliance with Option 3 legislature.
Go to the tab for Accountability Association to learn more!!
The normal yearly family membership with UCHU-AA is just $10.
Please visit us the above website to learn more about UCHU-AA. Read thoroughly the FAQs and prayerfully consider if UCHU-AA is a good option 3 accountability association for your family.
If you feel loyal to any of my sister accountability associations in the area, please remain loyal to them.
 But do consider spreading the word to new homeschooling families and those that are desiring another
accountability association to provide Option 3 services for them. 🙂
Thank you!!

#5 Did you know?

Did you know that there are LOTS of homeschooling methods?

How many can you name AND describe?

<Hint – I have ELEVEN listed>

{Answer is in the Comment Section down below}

Puppy Open House

PUPPY OPEN HOUSE~  Puppies are ready to find new homes.  We will have an open house this Sunday from 2-4 PM.  If you’d like to come see a puppy, please email or call for directions and let us know you plan to come.


PUPPIES! Mother is a Bisha-poo, Father is a Yorkie-poo. Available between 7-8 weeks old. June 29th to July 5th. Puppies were born on Mother’s day. Mother: Muffin is solid white. Father: Bagel is black. 4 puppies are white or apricot colored, one is black. $75. deposit holds puppy. Males: $175. each, Females: $200. each. Call: 395-1zero2seven or email: There are three males and 2 females. The black one is a male. 

Satisfying Computer Science elective for high school

Homeschoolers are always looking for ways to satisfy the computer science credit other than keyboarding.

Here are just a few option for computer programming both FREE and for purchase.

Simply keep a log of students work time on a particular project.
150-180 hours of logged work equates to the satisfied credit earned for computer science.

Have fun!

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