Wednesday Words of Encouragement: Sometimes…..


Sometimes I wonder if my efforts will count

Sometimes my day starts and I wish it hadn’t

Sometimes I feel way down low in the dumps

Sometimes I am totally overwhelmed at the thought of 14 more years of homeschooling – TO GO!

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough LOVE in me for my family

Sometimes I wish I can start over and get new orders of responsibility

Sometimes I can’t get my essential oils on me quick enough to get me started in my day

Sometimes I believe I’m doing okay and everyone will make it just fine

Sometimes I really believe that I am *dooming* my children

Sometimes I believe I just don’t *cut it* for the job

Sometimes I wish I could just sit still and think

Sometimes I just *hate* clothes shopping for my children

Sometimes I think I am the worse example of a house keeper/homeschooler Mom my girls can ever have

Sometimes my witness as a Christian just isn’t as bright as I’d like before my children

Sometimes I believe the words of the enemy about me *not measuring up*

Sometimes I feel not smart enough to even *teach* my children

Sometimes I put more trust in essential oils ability then in God’s ability to do for me

Sometimes I think I’m crazy to attempt getting my children involved in activities only to WEAR ME OUT

Sometimes I prefer isolation to avoid homeschooling drama in the homeschooling community

Sometimes I wish I had others to pour my heart out to

Sometimes I run the opposite way of homeschoolers because…….

Sometimes I wish I could start all over from Kindergarten with my oldest child

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to get up, just sleep all my room…alone

Sometimes I get a little tickle in my tummy when my four year old finally catches the difference between a *b* and a *d*

Sometimes I can’t help but smile when I see my children finally grasp a concept they’ve been working on for a while

Sometimes I look forward to starting a new week to homeschool *rightly* this time

Sometimes a gush of joy pitter patters all over my heart when I hear my children quote God’s Word that they learned at home

Sometimes a sense of contentment reaches my heart when I see my children’s mastery in various courses

Sometimes finding new homeschooling friends is worth the wait

Sometimes I feel on top of the world with great success

Sometimes I can’t get enough of hanging with other homeschoolers

Sometimes I don’t have to measure up……but just *do* and *be*

Sometimes I shake my head in amazement when the directions given to my children are followed the first time given

Sometimes I gloat just a little when my entire house is clean

Sometimes I do the same thing (gloat) when a delicious, hot dinner is on the table

Sometimes I do it even more (gloat) when I’ve mustered up the *I can do it attitude* and go clothes shopping for my children

Sometimes I get so sad when I realize that my homeschooling years will soon come to an end

Sometimes I wonder what life will be like not to be homeschooling or have my children around ALL. DAY. LONG.

Sometimes I am so full of love that I feel I will burst

Sometimes I am overwhelmed at all the Lord has called me to in this season of my life

Sometimes I wonder if God ever shakes His head at me

Sometimes I still myself to hear the Lord say, “Well done. Keep Going.”

Sometimes I enjoy being me

Sometimes I never forget that God is enough and sufficient

Sometimes I get sheer delight when I can find a spot to sit and be still in my mind, my body and my emotions

Sometimes I enjoy doing what I’m called to do

Sometimes, sometimes is good enough

Sometimes I grasp the understanding of everything being in it’s own season


By Angela Perry

Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”



Angela P