Tuesday’s Teach Them This……. : What type of learners are you teaching?


I sort of….

took a hiatus this last week…..

Simply because I know I’ve been desiring to change up the daily topics each week. BUT I’ve been waiting for inspiration and direction.

Although, I don’t have it quite clearly (BUT IT’S COMING TOGETHER) blog posts will be changing it’s focus yet again.

So far my thoughts are…….

Messy Monday’s ……but let it definitely be for the homeschooling mom would is or would like to be a SUPER organizer. (As I am the “wisher”of hopeful major/over-the-top organization) I hope to give some great ideas for keeping order in the home.

Tuesday’s Teach Them Thisย will consist of various things and suggestions to teach your child or how to teach your child during homeschooling.

Wednesdays Words of Encouragement….. Well, they will be some form of encouragement to bring life to your soul. In some BIG or small way. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thought Provoking Thursdays will remain the same. Give you something to THINK on. Ponder. Contemplate.

Funny Fridays will remain the same. After a long week of schooling EVERYONE needs a little comic relief. ๐Ÿ™‚

So without further ado here is this weeks TUESDAY’S TEACH THEM THIS….segment.

What type of learners are you teaching?

Jumping into homeschooling you often don’t start off with the thought of “What type of learners will I be teaching? Maybe I should find that out first.”

Nope….Feet first………..We just JUMP ON IN! (Which is what we are instructed to do anyways. Right?)

jumping into something

What we do first thing is think…..What curriculum am I going to use!!!!?”ย 

Ok…..may first is…….How in the world am I going to do this?”

Not even thinking about what type of LEARNER we may have that we are suppose to fashion, mold and shape into this scholar homeschooler.

In all truth…..I described myself up above.

Hey…..I didn’t even *know* that there were different types of learners.

And that each of my children:

1. Learned different

2. Prefer different resources and activities to help along in their learning

3. That they learn DIFFERENTLY than I do the teacher. Which the teacher will ALWAYS teach in a way that lends to their LEARNING STYLE!

So for now…………..

How about learning about your child. Yep! EACH. ONE. OF. THEM!

At least to help foster some time within your schooling to teach them in a way in which they learn.

I think (and I’m no expert here on this subject)……but I think it is okay to teach your child outside or beyond their learning style. ย If nothing else but for your sanity.

I have EIGHT children…..that’s right. EIGHT. And if I spent my entire day teaching all EIGHT each all day in all subjects in the way that they learn………….then I would be a *over done* Momma. ๐Ÿ˜›

However, I pray that the graph below will help get you started. And that the posts that will be coming each week will help you solidify your efforts in homeschooling as you TEACH THEM THIS………..in their own unique way of learning.

Stay tuned……ideas, suggestions and examples are coming weekly! ๐Ÿ™‚

What Type of Learner Are You?


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