UCHU-Spartanburg County National Geographic Bee info.

National Geographic Bee

UCHU-Spartanburg County National Geographic Bee
for 4th-8th grade homeschoolers

PLEASE CONSIDER YOUR STUDENT BEING APART OF THIS! It will be a wonderful experience.

Just to help reinforce US Geography have you heard of these National Parks?

Do you know in which state to find them?

All but six of them are west of the Mississippi.
(Thanks Stephen Enjaian!)

Virgin Islands NP

Acadia NP

Yellowstone NP

Yosemite NP

Big Bend NP

Carlsbad Caverns NP

Denali NP

Mesa Verde NP

Arches NP

Redwood NP

Sequoia NP

Chaco Culture National Historical Park

American Samoa NP

Hot Springs NP

Kings Canyon NP

Petrified Forest NP

Haleakala NP

Hawaii Volcanoes NP

Great Basin NP

Great Smoky Mtn. NP

Gates of the Arctic NP

Glacier Bay NP

Capitol Reef NP

Canyon de Chelly NP

Canyonlands NP

Black Canyon NP

Bryce Canyon NP

Joshua Tree NP

Wind Cave NP

Badlands NP

Shenandoah NP

Zion NP

Glacier NP (this is different than Glacier Bay NP)

Isle Royale NP

Wrangell-St. Elias NP

Voyageurs NP

Katmai NP

Lassen Volcanic NP

Lake Clark NP

Kobuk Valley NP

Everglades NP

Guadalupe NP

Rocky Mtn NP

Great Sand Dunes NP

Grand Canyon NP

Great Basin NP

Channel Islands NP

Kings Canyon NP

Crater Lake NP

North Cascades NP

Olympic NP

Lava Beds NP