Wednesday’s Words of Encouragement: I want to quit homeschooling

Now, be honest. Have you ever said that you want to quit homeschooling?

I know I have said that many times over my 14 years of homeschooling. Besides I have 14 more years to go! I would enjoy retirement right about now from homeschooling. However, that’s not in the plans for me.


Well if the Lord says the same I have seven more children that I need to teach, train and raise up in academics, life and in the things/knowledge of God. I have about 14 more years before that’s all said and done.

Plus that’s for certain that many more years that I will be shaped, formed and trained within my ‘inner man’ by my children.


So with that in mind I thought that the following blog post would resonate with someone and bring some encouragement. 🙂

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Frustrated young mother looking daughter sleeping while doing homework