To Be Bilingual or Not To Be

Growing up, I did not understand the importance of learning a second language. I was viewing the world as black and white only. I understood that English was my native language, and I had difficulties learning it. I did not understand the importance of learning a second language until I was older.

Now, I understand the importance of learning a second language. This is why my children are enrolled in a virtual Spanish class under our current Homeschool Association titled United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited LLC .

Why is learning a second language importance for my children to know?

There are several reasons why. First, learning Spanish will allow my two sons to know, understand, and converse with someone who is Latino or Latina.

Second, my children will have the ability if they travel to countries where Spanish is the spoken language, they can

navigate throughout the country by using their knowledge gained from their Spanish course to converse with others.

Third, my children are not limited on the languages that they can learn at an early age. If as an adult, they can enter a career field where the job requires the applicant to be bilingual in order to assist clients in purchasing or completing a task.

Fourth, learning a second language will assist my sons’ in their academics too.

How can learning a second language assist my sons’ academically?

Learning a second language has increased my sons’ listening skills. I do not know what happened, but they are listening to their academic instructions without me having to give the instructions twice.

I have noticed a change in their short-term memory too.

If a Spanish assignment is due, they remember the due date and the instructions to complete the assignment too. I am one proud Mom because I was exhausted of repeating academic instructions more than twice.

If only they could complete chores without being reminded more than once, this is a topic for another blog.

Besides learning Spanish and improving their listening skills in their academic instructions, being bilingual have given them a chance to practice Spanish phrases with me, and I have to ask them how do I say it in Spanish. I am learning Spanish along with them. It is a great adventure for my kids, and I now understand the importance of learning a second language and the academic benefits of it too.

Is your child or children learning a second language? If your answer is yes, is your child or children practicing it on a daily basis to move it from their short-term memory to their long-term memory.

Since learning a second language, have you noticed a change in your child or children academic subjects?

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