Challenges of Homeschooling

What do you do when a child is sick?

 Do you have school with the other child or children? or Is it a day off for the entire family?

Homeschooling is an exciting opportunity for my family and I, but it does not come without its challenges. There are several challenges that I face as a homeschool parent. The first challenge is homeschooling with a sick child. How is this a problem?

Well, it is a problem because one child is sick and the other child does not want to have school because his brother is not. He does not understand that his brother is sick. He is not; therefore, he is capable of having school.

Although he has school work to complete, it is only a half day for him. This allows me an opportunity to

take care of his sick brother, and he has an opportunity to practice concepts that he has not mastered.

The second challenge is returning to school after a long (summer, fall, or spring) break. This is a huge transition in my home. For instance, on school days, my children try to sleep until 11:00 a.m. like they are still on break. This is difficult because the later they sleep the longer the school day. They are not excited to have an extended school day.

In addition, my sons rush and complete their assignments, so they can be finish with school for the day. This creates a problem for them because I check their work directly after they complete it. If there are mistakes in any subject, they have to make corrections the same day.

If they do not understand a concept, I review it with them until the concept is mastered. This can take up to a day or a week. These are things that I do to transition my sons back to school from summer, fall, or spring break.

Am I the only parent who have difficulties getting their child or children to focus on their academic subjects after taking a break?

Besides having challenges in taking care of a sick child, returning to school after a break, my third challenge is lack of focus for my children. What do I mean by lack of focus? My children have an opportunity to use their computers on the weekend only during the school week. When they are on their computers, they are checking the status of their YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, or playing video games. My sons become obsessed with social media and video games for the entire weekend.

As a result, on Monday, my children cannot concentrate on their academic subjects because they are discussing what they did over the weekend with me. I love to hear about my children’s achievements, but I have to inform them that they need to share this information with me during break time or after school. It is time to focus on school work.

When you take a holiday or break from school, is it difficult for your child or children to focus on their academic subjects?

What are some things that you do to assist your child or children with transitioning from a break? Is it helpful?

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Happy Homeschooling!!!!

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