Thought Provoking Thursday: The Inner Life of the Cell

Have you ever studied in detail the mighty workings of YOUR cells in YOUR body?

Well, my children have. I declare these children of mine are way smarter than I am.

My theory is that at some point we as adults really knew so much information and was very knowledgeable BUT at some point we lost it all once we delivered our first child.


And with each child that was delivered or brought into our home (via adoption perhaps) we lost that many more brain cells.

I don’t know….just a theory!

At any rate, when I  was introduced to these videos by my 14 year old who is studying Biology right now I was blow away at how AWESOME and INCONCEIVABLY BRILLIANT the God of the universe is that HE would create cells that can do what they do all day long even when we aren’t thinking of it.

For this weeks Thought Provoking Thursday (really every single day of the week and every single day of our lives) we would brag on God and how wonderful He is in science.

If you have a STEM/STEAM based homeschooling then you will be thrilled to utilize these videos in your schooling. 🙂

The Inner Life of the Cell  (just the visual and music) 7 min version


The Inner Life of the Cell (just the visual and music) 3 min version


The Inner Life of the Cell (fully narrated version of the above two videos)



Angela P.

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