Thought Provoking Thursday: Know Your Rights!

Never has there been a time like now when each citizen of the United States needs to know their rights.

As home educators we teach our children government and economics as part of their studies.

However, do you teach your students their rights when it comes to a police officer?

Just this evening while being chauffeured by my 15 year old daughter, who now proudly owns her drivers permit, I had to explain the important procedures she *should* and *must* follow if ever she is alone in the car during the day or at night and is pulled over by a police officer.

Things to be aware of and questions to ask herself…….

*Be aware of your surrounds

*Are you in a safe place to pull over?

*Are you visible to all those around that may drive by? If not, position the car in such a way that she is.

*Is the area well lit-up? If not, do not stop until you are in a well lit area.

*If you have to drive a little distance to get to a well lit area or a familiar area be sure to turn on your flashing lights and drive slowly.

*Be sure to keep your hands on the steering wheel.

*Move slowly at all times.

*Do NOT get your license nor car registration until it is asked for.

*If asked to get out of the car be sure to inquire why and keep her hands up and visible where they can be seen.

*Talk with respect.

And I went on and on on several focuses.

I tried to instill a little fear to explain the urgency and then also share about some recent news that occurred with a police officer and his violation of various women while they were supposedly breaking the law.

As I share these thoughts know clearly that I have great respect and appreciation for our police officers. However, revelation and awareness is necessary for our students and ourselves.

Being a mother of African American children I have to teach these things to my children continually.

Please understand we ALL must teach these things to our children.

But living where we do live (in the south)┬ámy children may be flagged quicker just because of their color of their skin and their gender. Thus, I can’t allow them to grow and live in ignorance while homeschooling.

I post this Thought Provoking Thursday insights with urgency.

Be informed for yourself.

………For your children.

………For your neighbors.

Know Your Rights!

Your rights

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry, UCHU Director/Administrator