Socialization in Homeschooling


The main thing families who are considering homeschooling find themselves concerned about is ‘lack’ of socilization for homeschooled children.

They think that the homeschooled students:

*are ALWAYS in the house.
*NEVER connect with peers.
*DON’T know how to conversate/talk.
*LIVE IN isolation.

This is ABSOLUTELY unfounded.

Consider the public school atmsophere. Where the students are made to be quiet all day.

They are around children all day but not connected to their fellow students. Or often don’t get along with them.

With their limited socialization they do so with students of their own age group.

No socializing (basically).

Not often on the play ground.

Public school students have to make time to build friendships.

Make time to connect with other children.

Same in homeschooling.

Homeschool Families make time for their homeschool children to connect with others.

Homeschool families find activities, events, extra curricular activities and other homeschool families to connect with.

The beautiful thing is….
Homeschool parents get to CHOOSE who or what they will expose their children to.

Socialization IS NOT A problem for the homeschooling family.

At all.

Conversely homeschooled children are able to converse with those younger than themselves, with adults with all ages of people.

They are well rounded. Not just limited to their own peer group.

Are there shy homeschooled children? Yes. In public school too.

Are there antisocial homeschool children? Yes. In public school too.

Children are children no matter the educational method.


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