Messy Mondays: Three Great Tips for Organization


I have this certain thought about it….

I like it and I don’t like.

Let me explain.

For me personally, I use to be *over the top* organized.

I spent my energies, time and focus on my house and everything that concerned it.

From the time *before* the sun came up. Until after the sun was down. I was obsessed with things being a *certain* way.

My children could hardly live in it. Or play with a toy.

I was always uptight about this or that or something being here or there or not in the place it should have been. Or everything being clean. Perfectly made beds without a wrinkle. Every shoe in it’s place etc. etc. etc……..after boring etc.

Although this is a life style to be desired by most……it was a life style I wanted to be delivered from!!

After years of making my home my *god* I really feel the Lord set-me-free of that obsession.

Grant it, we should desire to be clean people. But we should not be obsessed and worshipful of the god of *organization.*

I certainly didn’t want my children to grow up living with an *uptight* Mom over her *house* when I teach them not to be uptight over material things.

HHhhhmmm……this thought process didn’t jive at all. And the Holy Spirit called me out on it many years ago.

With HIS help, HE keeps me in balance.

Clean, organized but not worshiping my stuff and the place in which they must *live* in (or be kept and never moved from). 🙂 With a family of 10 people I’m glad that I got delivered from this mind-set *sooner* than *later.*

Maybe this is resonating with some of you. :p

So this series of blogs that I am focusing on for Messy Monday’s is not to bring us to the place of *worshiping* organization, neatness, cleanliness etc. It’s simply to point us to a healthy place of good stewardship.

I pray that this blog post linked down below helps to do so just a little.

The Three Great Secrets to Organization

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messy homeschool room clean homeschool room

Enjoy! Angela P.