Tuesdays Teach Them This……… African American History: AA Women Who Has Advanced in Medicine

As an African American Homeschool Mom one of the things that I definitely make every effort in doing is teaching my children their heritage.

Where they came from and how oppositionally hard it was for them to….

be where they are today,

have the pleasantries they have today and

enjoy education…..let alone home education as they do today.

Many people don’t understand what a BIG DEAL this really is.

In public school history is focused *usually* on one aspect of history.

First settlers.

First presidents or the presidents of the U.S.A.

Well known person who did this or that……….but never a true and full focus on history with African Americans OTHER THAN how they once were slaves.

Honestly…….we get that. We understand that.

But evolution has occurred in that we NEED to know, we MUST know and is imperative that we LEARN about others – African Americans who did more than just live as a slave.

There are more to learn about than:

Martin Luther King

Harriet Tubman

George Washington Carver

I think for many African Americans we are grateful to have a month set aside to focus on all that our ancestors have done. Particularly the FIRSTS AA to pave the way and make a difference in history in various aspects of life.

However, it is our focus as a family to learn about our history all year long. Perhaps not as much as we’d like.

With that in mind this month’s focus of *Tuesday’s Teach Them This….* will be on African American History.

You may be amazed at what you learn (as I will too).

This month will you teach your children about these wonderful silent heroes and pave-makers that aren’t often talked about or even mentioned nor whispered within history books or curricula?

I hope you will. 🙂

This post will focus on those AA women known for their great advancements in medicine.

Patricia Bath and others <<< click on the link

patricia bath

African American women that ……………

click on the picture or above link to learn more about her :p