Messy Mondays: Perfectly Imperfect (video)

This Messy Monday is dispelling all of the MESS that’s floating around.

Hopefully this Messy Monday post will help *clean-up* some stink’in thinkin’.

I pray this Messy Monday is purposeful in destroying some thought processes that the enemy (satan/the devil) has been implanting within your heart and mind.

perfectly imperfect

I am CONSTANTLY amazed at how the Lord does what He does.

Today’s post (the below video) resonates my exact sentiments that I was sharing with my dearest friend and prayer partner just. this. weekend.

The truths that I feel the Lord placed on my heart for where I am in life fully applies to all aspects of life.

To include……...HOMESCHOOLING.

Those same truths I just heard in a video by a blogger. Ha!

First of all, as women we know that it’s a WONDERFUL thing to have someone close to you with whom you may share the good, bad and ugly and know that they will not judge you, demote your character nor hold it against your good will and nature. On the contrary, they will lovingly embrace you and your stuff as they faithfully, closely and genuinely stand with you.

My closest friend who has been my prayer partner now for a little over 10 years is such a gal.

Oh my……..I thank the Lord for her constantly and I love her deeply.

This past week we have been on and off the phone praying for each other regarding our individual life’s issues.

One of the things I shared with her a mist our praying was some things I recently have learned and have been pondering this week.


No matter what it looks like, appears or is put forward before you… one is perfect nor has it all together. Everyone has their own share of stuff that they are walking through. Rich. Poor. New car. Old Car. Smart children. Godly children. Rebellious children. Big bank account. Little funds in the account etc. Life is full of mountains and valleys. No matter your status. For those who are followers of Christ we are not exempt from these varying seasons of life which aren’t always pleasant.


Being that I am one who always want to think the best of people, their motives and their intentions the cruel fact is that not everyone is for your good. A friend of mines said the following slogan to me about two weeks ago that she lives by, “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.”

Yikes!! That baffled me when we said it. Her point is that you know your friends are usually for your good. But it is those who you think are for your good that aren’t really, you have the gut feeling that they aren’t………those are the ones you need to keep closest. Well, I’m not sure what I feel about that but I get it. So with that said……..small circle of company is key. I’ve always lived by that rule. Talk with everyone but keep a small circle of those you call dearest to you.

Jesus demonstrate that rule. And my Mom taught me that too but I thought, at the time, she was just overly impersonal. Now I know she wasn’t.


I have always had a great conviction of NEVER portraying to someone that they can’t do what I do. Or that they can never achieve any level of aspirations that I have accomplished. I’m all about helping someone get to *where I think I am* at that time. Additionally, anyone that has made me feel that way purposefully or not I’ve always tended to move away from. You know? Sometimes that *air* can be released that just lets you know or causes you to feel that you can’t do it nor have you arrived. That bothers me to my core and I hate to hear anyone ever say of me they felt I was unapproachable or that they could never do what I do. “Well YES. YOU. CAN.” Who am I?

There is a heart-beat and self-centered motivation that beats from the heart of some that purposefully want others to feel inferior and *unworthy* and it’s not right. And I don’t desire to connect with that heart/spirit/attitude at.all.

So it was quite interesting to have shared those feelings with my dear friend as we talked about our families, marriages, trials, woes and concerns. We talked about those things a lot this week. Ha.

Which if I may relate them to our homeschooling and our lives as homeschoolers this is what I would say.

1. No one has the perfect homeschool. I don’t care how organized Ms. Organized is……..her homeschooling isn’t perfect. Maybe *perfect* in her world for all of five minutes as pictures were taken or a lesson taught or whatever. But she, Ms. Perfect Homeschooler, has her days too. She’s human and humans are. not. perfect.

I don’t care what they want you to believe or think.

2. As a homeschooling Mom surround yourself with those who is rooting you on and desires for  your success. Do not… not connect with those who feel they want to compete against you. Or always trying to *keep one up* on you. Or make you feel inferior. Catch the air of *cynicism* that may blow by you as those who aren’t really for your good in homeschooling or schooling your children come your way to cause you to feel otherwise.

3. Connect with those homeschooling families who are willing to build you up, pour their all into you to help you become the best homeschooling Mom/Dad you can be. Those who make you feel as if, “You can indeed do it.” Those who make you feel as if they have nothing to loose by sharing with you all that they may have gained. Align yourself with and your children with families that helps the best shine forth and not your worst come forth as you homeschool.

Well…..the below video is such a video that relays an encouraging word on real life terms as well as something I think you can pull to use towards your homeschooling endeavors.

Just remember we each are Perfectly Imperfect! 🙂