Wednesdays Words of Encouragement: Failure is indeed opportunity :p

failure is simply the opportuntiy to begin again

from my THM FB friend – Tina Norris

This post is for all the *Perfectionists* out there.

Which I *use to be* in that category.


Now I’m happily NOT!

Who can handle all the pressure.

(If you need further encouraging on this topic see this past Monday’s post, 2.23.15, Perfectly Imperfect)


So what’s the big hang-up all about?

You aren’t perfect in life. So you can’t be perfect in homeschooling.

Oh…..did I hear you just say that the Lord in Scripture says, “Be perfect as I am Perfect.” Matthew 5:48

Well just to make it clear……that actually means the “ideal future that implies an imperative. The idea of perfection implied in the word here is that of the attainment of the end or ideal completeness of our being.” If you would like to understand that more then study here.

So……since you can’t be perfect in your homeschooling, parenting, being a wife etc. Just accept that fact.

Embrace any failure you encounter BECAUSE it is INDEED opportunity to do it again BUT more intelligently the next or next or next time around. 🙂

Simple and to the point!

Angela 😛