There are a plethora of reasons why a family decides to homeschools.

There are varying reasons why a family that once homeschooled may need to return to another method of schooling. i.e. public school, private school or charter/virtual school.

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For this Messy Monday we are going to *clean-up* a few pieces of information that may be quite unclear.

If you are considering or needing to halt your tenor of homeschooling while living in South Carolina then there are a few pieces of information you should be aware of.

The South Carolina Department of Education shines some light on a few Frequently Asked Questions.

If home-schooled students return to public school, will they automatically start in the classes or at grade levels the home school teacher/parents say that they have completed?
Answer: If home-schooled students return to a South Carolina public school district, the district has the right to place the students in classes/grade levels which the district/school deems is instructionally appropriate for the students. In other words, because parents tell the district that the students have completed certain grade levels, does not mean the students will be placed into the next grade level. (District instructional placement of returning home-schooled students is usually based on some type of test results that the district determines.)


Just keep in mind the following…
“By law they should have been keeping attendance records and a portfolio of work, so the only thing the district is asking for that is not already required by law would be the co-ops they have been part of.  Depending on what grade they are, schools do not have to accept the credits the parents give.”- Gale Farrier, SCHEA President


Do home-schooled students in grades 7–12 receive high school credit for any courses that they pass?
Answer: Home-schooled students in grades 7–12 receive credits from their home school program. These credits would show on the transcript that is maintained by the parent or the association. Those credits, however, are not automatically accepted by other public or private schools.
If you should find yourself in a position where you are being asked over and beyond what the law indicates by a public school then you may need to take further actions to make sure your rights aren’t being violated.
So with this Messy Monday clean up please keep in mind the importance of maintaining your child’s records/portfolio according to Option 3 standards.
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