Messy Monday: Keeping it Clean……….How our students learn

This week’s Messy Monday is all about “Cleaning UP your thought process in how to teach your specific student according to the way in which he/she learns. :p

For sure, we each have come to realize that each of our children have a special way of learning.

Without a doubt we realize this each and every day ESPECIALLY if you have more than one child you are homeschooling.

You have some missing strands of hair to prove that you have *such* knowledge. :p

To make teaching a little more challenging would be the fact that we as their instructors often learn differently than they do <sigh>

……..which can be frustrating when trying to give instructions. Ha.

However, the beauty comes when our children *figure* out their learning bend.

This usually don’t happen until they are much older and further along in school.


However, if you pay attention to some specific cues you and I can figure their learning types sooner than later.

These are the *normal* categories of learners:

*auditory learners

*kinesthetic learners

*visual learners


Over at *Guilt-free Homeschooling*, Carolyn and Jennifer has done a GREAT job explaining these various types of learners and why it is key to know what type learning your child has………..And what type learning YOU are for that matter.

Click HERE to learn in detail about the type of learning you may be instructing.


I hope this bit of knowledge helps you to have a less Messy Monday on the future Mondays and other days of the week to come! 🙂