Tuesdays Teach Them This……… How to Read!

Everyone Christian – Christ Following Mom understands that the number one BIGGEST homeschooling job is to teach and train our children up in the knowledge of Christ.

Also…….every homeschooling Mom understands that our second BIGGEST homeschooling job is to teach our children how to READ!


That is a challenge but oh so rewarding.

I have seven fluent readers out of eight right now. And it is quite exciting to see how their love blossoms into discovery within a book.

But like in the musical *Big River* that my children and husband were apart of just weeks ago, the questions was asked of Huckle Berry Finn, “Huck, do you wanna go to heaven?”. Well if you do then you “gotta do your reading and your ritin’ so you can know how to make it in.”

That was just some quirky that jumped into my sleepy mind at this very moment I thought was worth sharing. hehe

Here are few resources that you can utilize to help your children become fluent readers. And…..


I like free!

Fun Phonics

Reading Bear  ReadingBearLogo

Stairway Reading

Blend Phonics

Phonics Song 2 (preschool appropriate) 

Essential Skills Advantage

Word Mastery

Progressive Reading

I truly hope you enjoy and can utilize all of these reading resources! 🙂