Geography Resources. Can you draw the world? By Memory?


For two years I worked as a Challenge A director for Classical Conversations. One of the classes I taught was Geography.

The goal of the class was that by the end of the school year my students would be able to draw the ENTIRE WORLD by memory, labeling every country and every capital and various locations of topography.

Drawing the entire world included drawing all of the United States. Labeling every state, capital and various spots of topography with in the U.S.

Amazingly, I had SEVERAL students who did this flawless! Flawless!

At the end of the year they were given a TWO HOUR test. They had to bring in a huge layout of paper to draw the world.

By memory!

Below is one of the resources I had them use to practice their geography knowledge.

I bet you are wondering how did we ‘tackle’ the ability to draw the world?

Well, every two weeks they were given maps from a certain part of the world. We started with United States first. Every day for homework they had to draw parts of U.S. and label the states, capitals and topography.

They did this every day for a week looking at the map. Tracing the map.

The next week they had to draw it every day not looking at the map.

Then they were given a test in class.

We then moved on to Canada. Then to South America. Then to Central America. Then to South America. Until we were in Africa at which time we spent almost four weeks learning to draw and label all of Africa.

Greater Antilles. The Lesser Antilles. Yep…every single one of them. (little islands)

AND…… they had to continue drawing the other countries we had already learned as they were drawing the new countries they were learning.

At any rate, enjoy these geography resources. Maybe your goal for your children one year or this coming homeschooling year will be to DRAW THE WORLD! 🙂

By memory!