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  1. When taking the SAT as a 7th grader through the Duke TIP program they do the same set up. All the 7th graders are together. My son said, in retrospect, having taken it then and then again this year as a 10th grader, he was glad to be in a room with only his “peers”, even though he didn’t know any of them. If you make a certain score as a 7th grader, you receive a medal and go to an awards ceremony at Furman; it’s quite an honor and something to put on the transcript for later. Also, another advantage to taking the SAT and/or ACT earlier is that IF you qualify with your score for Palmetto scholarships, you can lock in at that time. For instance, if your class rank is sufficient and the SAT or ACT score, you have locked in for the scholarship and you don’t have to qualify the next year as well. Of course, it’s always good to keep the GPA up and continue to take the tests to get higher scores for more scholarships to go along with the Palmetto ones.

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