Funny Friday: Monday Comes Back Around (Guest Blogger Tramaine Bullocks)

Happy Funny Friday everyone!

It’s my first year homeschooling and everytime I looked on different homeschool pages I would see all of these homeschool encouragement posts.

At first I used to think “Aww, how sweet”.

Then about a month in I came across this owl picture…..

Owl and Tired owl

and of course home school realities kicked in and I understood that all of this encouragement is actually needed!

Lol. See!

Tramaine Bullocks and son
That’s black magic marker on his face. šŸ™‚

The picture of me to the left is how I feel at the beginning of the week, the picture to the right is how I feel by Friday lol

Be encouraged Mommas, Monday comes back around!

In Christ,

Tramaine Bullock


Tramain Bullock and family pic (1)

Tramaine Bullock was born in Pordenone, Italy (military family), raised in GA and now reside in South Carolina. She’s never been a country girl but Ā admits country life is the life for her and the Bullock boys/Man. Married for 7 years to Darrell Bullock Jr., together they have three lovely boys; Jayden (6), Eli (2), and Yehoshua (1). (Yes, a girl is greatly desired just in case you were wondering. Lol, but God knows best!) Homeschooling now for almost a year has brought about a love for freedom; a love for the values that she and her husband areĀ able to instill; and a love for knowing what her children are learning. In Tramaine’sĀ spare time she co-hosts a radio show, “Say So with Tramaine and Sherry” based on Psalms 107:2. Tramaine enjoys reading, singing, white water rafting, bowling, fishing, and most importantly serving God as a family.